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diesel mitsubishi space star - no power - davey.j
hi,have 2001 mitsubishi space star 1.9 diesel renault engine,..no power uphill 10-15 mph will only rev to 3000 at rest changed fuel &air filter no good. any help? thanks davey.j

Tags: technical issues

diesel space star no power - stuartl
Possibly the MAF Sensor (Airflow Meter)???
diesel space star no power - Screwloose

Which version of the 1.9 diesel is fitted to yours? The engine code [F9Q-???] would help. Going by similar Renault faults; it sounds like the engine management's gone into "limp-home" after detecting a fault. Your best bet is to find a local garage that can read the fault-codes and get some idea of what's upsetting it.

Stuck-open/end broken off EGR valve; blocked particle filter; fuel-rail pressure sensor; high/low pressure pumps/relays; seized turbo; split intercoolers; bad connexions/earths; wiring faults - all sorts are possible on these.
diesel space star no power - davey.j
many thanks people, booked in for diagnostic at authorised dealer next week.....happy new year to all. davey.j

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