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306 hdi radiator drain+flush - scfc_151
im looking at draining and flushing my cooling system on a 2001 306 hdi. i was wondering what the procedure is as ive never done this before and want to keep the system sweet as the radiator looks in good condition.

Is it worth just flushing the radiator or should i flush the block out too?

I can see 1 bleed screw on the bulkhead near the brake servo are there any others?

The haynes only goes up 2 1999 models which doesnt help. How come theres not one for a hdi?


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306 hdi radiator drain+flush - Magician
If you put a flush into the system it will clean through the block aswell. The screw you are looking at is probably a breather screw this releases pressure on the cooloing system allowing for a full drain. I would examine the radiator itself for the bleed screw. Its probably in one of the bottom corners on the radiator, normally oposite corner to the expansion tank.
306 hdi radiator drain+flush - Armitage Shanks {p}
Excuse me chipping in! Surely a bleed screw would be somewhere up the top of the system? Air rises so can be let out at the top of the system. Anything down the bottom of the system is likely to be a drain hole IMHO.
306 hdi radiator drain+flush - Magician
Technical terms! Meant a drain screw!

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