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Daihatsu/Perodua EJ/VE engine - Roger Salt
Does anyone know if the 3 cyl 12 valve 989cc engine in the Perodua Kelisa and Daihatsu Charade is chain cam or belt cam?
I would like to know as I have just bought a 52 plate Prodder Kelisa auto.

Tags: owning belt cams belts and chains chain cam cam chains

Daihatsu/Perodua EJ/VE engine - dylan
SWMBO has the Charade, and I'm 90% sure it's a belt, though I can't remember where I got that idea from. Perhaps it was mentioned in the service schedule.
Daihatsu/Perodua EJ/VE engine - Aprilia
Daihatsus are belt-driven cam. Basically a Toyota engine I believe.
Daihatsu/Perodua EJ/VE engine - Roger Salt
Thanks.Iknew that the engine is basically Daihatsu/Toyota, but thought that the small engines were chain cam.

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