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Retainagroup ISR car register - smoke
Our new car has stickers on its windows proclaiming that it is on the ISR register.
Anyone any experience of the effectiveness of this method as a deterrant for car crime. Its just that we will have to reregister the car with them and this as with all things in life costs mone. We have tracker on our other car and see that as a very useful device and thus were more than happy to pay the charge for registering, but with this more passive of "security" devices, it it worth the twenty pounds required. Also does it make a difference in real terms to insurance costs.

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Retainagroup ISR car register - smoke
Anyone have any comments? Please?
Retainagroup ISR car register - Frankoids
I recently purchased a new Toyota, the Retainagroup ISR window etching is included in the package.

As far as I am aware it has no bearing at all on insurance, however the registration fee is for the duration of your ownership of the car.

Have a look at their website www.retainagroup.com for more details
Retainagroup ISR car register - mountainkat
Just in the process of buying a Hyundai Coupe & phoned Retaingroup to check the details as all Hyundai's are automatically registered.

Unfortunately the company didn't have much info as the previous owner had not registered with them - seems the scheme relies on the cars owner registering & supply relevant info, if they don't then Retaingroup don't know anything about your car

Think it's of limited use IMHO

Tracker a much better option

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