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Ford Ka 1.3 Oil Type - mc
Hi all,

My Y reg 1.3 Ford Ka is due an oil change and I've lost the vehicle handbook.
Can anyone tell me what type of oil is required ? I would have though 10w/40 would do, but Ford tell me it requires 5W/30, which i found unusal & expensive !!

Any help appreciated


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Ford Ka 1.3 Oil Type - mfarrow

I recently went into Halfords where I had previously bought 10W/40 for my slightly older engined ford (1.3 HCS 1989, practically the same engine though). When I looked at the chart, I found that it said use 5W/30, which it said was "due to new Ford recommendations". And then something along the lines of "you can still use the old recommendation oil with no problem". Sounds like Ford have changed there minds on oil choices recently: might be different on your car though!

It's laughable how Ford can 'recommend' a different oil for my engine now, 15 years too late!

Hope this helps.

Mike Farrow
Ford Ka 1.3 Oil Type - jc
The correct oil is 5w/30 which my Ford dealer sells for just over half the price Halfords charge.Ford changed to this semi-synthetic to be able to nearly double the service interval-the engine-which is basically the Anglia engine from 1959-hasn't changed significantly.
Ford Ka 1.3 Oil Type - mc
Thanks Guys,

Think I'll make a trip to my local Ford garage. Might as well, better quality oil for less money.

Thanks for the feedback

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