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Citroen Xsara: Replacement Key - David Horn

I have a Citroen Xsara (1.9TD) and last week I managed to lose the key. As I had no space I ordered a replacement, which typically caused the old set to turn up 10 minutes later!

I've decided to have the replacement anyway, as it's a PITA when you lose your keys. However, I think Citroen are trying to screw me with the cost.

So far, I've been charged £20 for the key, £50 for the remote, and £20 to look up the transponder codes. (Previous owner lost the red card).

However, the key has apparantly arrived but they have no decided that they need my car plugged into their computer to write the new code into the chip, and they want an additional £30 for this. They didn't tell me this when I ordered the key!

They charged my credit card in advance, and presumably they'll want to add this £30 on to it. I'm tempted to ring them up, tell them I don't want it any more, and then leave it to the credit card company to sort out.

Is it essential that my car is used? If they can program through the car, why did I get charged for the codes?

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Citroen Xsara: Replacement Key - OptimaBen (formerly SeeFive)
They need the car and the code to program all keys to work. The engine immobiliser also needs to see all the keys before they will work.

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