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Oil control ring problem? Seat Ibiza - seadog
I have a 1997 SEAT Ibiza 1.0 CLS that last year suffered a failure to the water pump at about 50,000 miles( the plastic impeller sheared - is this a common problem with this SEAT/VW engine?) The resulting overheating required repairs to the cylinder head etc. costing £1000. The engine seems to run OK now but tends to foul the plugs, in particular the one opposite the cam belt, and oil consumption is heavy - about 1-2 pints per thousand miles. There are no obvious oil leaks and a mechanic says that it is likely to be the oil control rings. Renewing the rings is hardly cost effective but it has been suggested that there is an oil additive that might help. Does anyone here have any experience of this type of product please? Or any other suggestions. Alternatively should we just live with it periodically cleaning the plugs and keep adding the oil, or is it likely to get much worse?

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Oil control ring problem? Seat Ibiza - dieselhead
it's possible that the overheating caused a loss of temper of the oil control rings causing the high oil consumption. Another possibilty is that the rings are gummed up with deposits left behind when oil reached high temp. This should improve with time especially if the oil is changed regularly.

Other possibilities are hardened valve stem oil seals not changed when the head gasket was done.

Changing to a different oil could help. Something like a very thin synthetic 5w-30 oil wouldn't be helping you.
Oil control ring problem? Seat Ibiza - seadog
Thanks for the advice. Do you think it would be worth trying an oil additive from STP or Wynn's. They both have products (e.g. STP Smoke Treatment) that claim to seal leaking rings etc. I don't normally use these additives but maybe as a last resort.....
Oil control ring problem? Seat Ibiza - dieselhead

Could be worth a try using something that gives the oil a little more viscosity like Wynn's.
Personally not had much success with the piston seal type treatments after trying one years ago on an old car with a smoky exhaust. It was a paste you put into the engine through the spark plug hole that was supposed to increase compression and reduce oil consumption. Don't think it made any difference.

Might be that the pistons got v hot and seized the piston rings causing a bit of scuffing - could be that it will improve after a few thousand miles after the scraper and oil control rings bed in again.
Changing to a spark plug that is one grade hotter might help with the fouling problem. Not recommended if you drive long distances at high speed though.

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