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Fiat Ulysse heater leak? - John Boy
I am a part-time driver for a charity. One of the vehicles is a Fiat Ulysse. Last year some of us had a problem with our feet slipping off the clutch pedal. Eventually we realised that the sound insulation beneath the carpet was saturated with fluid which was coming through a hole in the carpet and getting on to the sole of our shoes. This fluid had a strange smell and it was assumed that it must be water leaking from the heater. The matrix was replaced, although it showed no sign of leaking, the floor dried out and the problem seemed to go away. Until this winter, that is, when it reappeared. Again, the matrix has been replaced. This time mats have been placed over the carpet so we ought to see if anything drips from above. I feel uneasy, however, and wonder if something could have been missed. Any suggestions?

Tags: technical issues unexplained noises clutch failure clutches