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windscreeen scratch remover - tigermad
Hi peeps

I know this topic has been covered before so don't flame me. Someone mentioned on a previous post that Halfords do something similar to TCut for glass. They said you can get rid of faint scratches caused by wipers on the glass. I have searched Halfords lunchtime and could not find anything. Does anyone know what it is. I have scratches on my screen due to the previous owner not checking the wiper blades for dirt.

Thanks in advance


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windscreeen scratch remover - Cyd
Sorry to be the bringer of bad tidings, but the only way you'll get rid of scratches is to fit a new screen.
windscreeen scratch remover - ShereKhan
I got told a long time ago to use toothpaste or Jewellers rouge to take out a wiper scratch. Apparently its a mild abrasive similar to what T-Cut does to the car paintwork.
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windscreeen scratch remover - Altea Ego
Dont use toothpaste. Its much to abrasive and will cloud the screen with minute scratches. Jewlers rouge is better, its very very very fine abrasive. If the scratches are deep enough tho as mentioned they will stay forever.
windscreeen scratch remover - Cyd
You've never used toothpaste to clean glass have you? Ordinary toothpaste is one of the best glass cleaners available, because it is mildly abrasive - use about as much on the screen as you would on your toothbrush with a wet cloth. You will not cloud the screen. I've been using toothpaste regularly since around 1992 when it was first recommended to me by a Chief Engineer from Pilkington Triplex. At the time I was the engineer responsible for side glass design on New Range Rover (and sat directly opposite the engineer for the front and rear screens).

As an aside. It was during this time that I was able to visit both the float glass plant and automotive glass manufacturing facilities in St Helens. If you ever get a chance to see glass being made, do not pass it up - it is fascinating.
windscreeen scratch remover - AR-CoolC
Trust me I've used jewlers rouge on many an occasion, and if the scratch is anything other than the lightest (i.e. not worth bothering with)then replace the screen.
All you will have is lots of sweating and lots of waisted time.
windscreeen scratch remover - Galaxy
You can buy a windscreen polishing kit from Frost Auto Restoration Techniques, who can be found at:


I believe the same system is used to polish scratches off the faces of TV tubes, but with very limited success, I suspect, in both cases.

Trouble is, if you successfully polish out a fairly deep scratch you'll end up dulling the screen in the process.

New screen is the only real answer. For the price of one of these kits you're well on the way towards the excess payment on a new one.
windscreeen scratch remover - cholin
You can polish scratches out of glass using the same techniques as your local Astronomy Club uses to polish mirrors i.e. by using, under the right conditions, increasingly finer grades of abrasive powder down to something like jewellers rouge or cerium oxide. But as has been said it can be tedious beyond belief!

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