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Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - keithg

Has anyone bought a car from gbcardeals.co.uk.? If so was the service good and, more importantly, did the car arrive and was it what you ordered. They quote good prices (as advertised on this site) but before I commit I'd be reassured if someone hhas good experience of them. Thhanks.

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Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - Armitage Shanks {p}

Some happy reports here www.vwt4forum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=321357

Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - keithg

Seems to die a death in October without any firm conclusions.

Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - Armitage Shanks {p}

Latest update to their website is 11th January 2014. Gives a phone number and invites one to ring. www.gbcardeals.com/

Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - oldtoffee
It's a new company, 9 months old. If you'd prefer an established business try carfile.net or drivethedeal.com both have lots of positive references on here and other sites. Same level of big savings.
Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - keithg

Thanks for your reponses so far. I'll definitely lookm at other brokers.

Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - pg562

The prices are too good to be true unfortunately.

I bought a new car from them last year. They delivered the wrong car and told me that I could use it in the meantime free of charge. They then withdrew this offer after a few weeks and demanded over £800 in 'hire car' fees. They got a third-partty company to intimidate me until I paid them.

When I eventually got my new car, it was registered to somebody else. There was a big argument between the company, the DVLA and myself over the tax. As a result, I couldn't drive my brand new car for about six weeks whilst it was sorted out.

Throughout this entire saga, they were incredible abhorant and defensive.

The Police and Trading Standards are aware of the company and I suspect they won't be around much longer.

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Skoda Superb Estate - gbcardeals.co.uk - oldtoffee

Just for info, the company's registered name is Spectrum Vehicle Contracts, still around, first (and only) set of accounts show they are worth £2.

GBCARDEALS - Spectrum Vehicle Contracts - JMLincs

Hi PG562 and oldtoffee

I've also had a problem with GBCARDEALS, aka Spectrum Vehicle Contracts.

As with PG562's complaint, I purchased a car from them last year and the wrong car was delivered. I was allowed to keep it until the proper car arrived. I never received the log book and I later found out that the vehicle was registered to someone in Milton Keynes (Lora Trading (Lease Deal?)).

I received the proper car about 2 months later, again without the log book.

GBCARDEALS kept making excuses as to why DVLA had not delivered the log book. I eventually found out that my (this) car was also registered to someone c/o Lora Trading.

DVLA were extremely helpful and eventually registered the vehicle to me, at my address, as the first registered keeper.

Between the first car arriving and the second car being registered to me, I was probably driving illegally (both registration and insurance).

GBCARDEALS - Spectrum Vehicle Contracts - Spectrum Motor Centre - Diamond Contract Hire - same bunch.

I also checked out the T&Cs for New Car Deals, and Para 5.6 is the same as Spectrum Vehicle Contracts T&Cs - even quoting Spectrum Vehicle Contracts.

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