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Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - IanBevis

Hi All, I have a 911 with a private reg and I have just brought number plates from

They are really good but my mate said you can't use them on the road.

I have had show plates years ago when things didn't matter too much but now things are a lot hotter if you know what I mean.

Does anyone have any real experience of using show plates on the road. Have you ever got stopped and the police not even said anything about them?

Tags: buying police used cars number plates dealers

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - RT

I have "show plates" although everything is legal apart from plate maker's id - never been stopped but no reason for the plate to raise suspicions.

I don't have acceptable id to get legit plates made - licence is pre-photo, no passport and all banking, council tax and income taxes are done online so no paper statements.

Edited by RT on 08/07/2013 at 22:03

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - IanBevis

Hi, thanks. When you say the plate maker ID is that the number in the corner on the right?

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - RT

AFAIK the numbers at the right are the BS approval numbers - the maker's name/postcode is centre bottom but it should be a maker from DVLA/VOSA's approved list

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - HandCart

I hope indeed that things are a lot hotter nowadays: Registration plates are required to conform to standards on font and spacing. The rest of us are expected to comply with the law, so I'd hope that you would too.

A 911 should be a nice enough thing in its own right, without having to potentially over-egg the pudding with charmless silly fonts and spacings. Please understand this: For the majority of onlookers, such numberplates actually subtract from, rather than add to, the level of respect granted towards you.

It can be a fine line with a 911 - take care to make sure you're thought-of as a knowledgable motoring enthusiast, and not a pretentious wide-boy, eh?

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - Collos25

The penalties for illegal plates can certainly add up to a very large amount ,I watched a program on UK tv last night no doubt a repeat but the police stopped a car with such plates and empounded the car.I can not understand why people want to attract attention to themselves with dodgy number plates and overtinted windows.

Porsche 911 - Show Plates Used On The Road - Armitage Shanks {p}

SFAIK you are only paying for the right to use the plate. If you abuse the T&Cs you get a warning and a second offence gets that plate recalled without financial compensation.

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