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Good: Stylish looks, good to drive, packed with safety kit including ‘City Safety’ as standard, Geartronic now has stop/start. New 2.0 Volvo D4 diesel from 2014 under 100g/km CO2.
Bad: Decent handling comes at the expense of ride at times, CO2 emissions were only average for this class of car until new Volvo diesel arrived in 2014.
Good: Alternative to Mercedes E-Class for big, prestigious five-seater 'private hire' operators and owners simply wanting a big, safe, solid car. Much improved
Bad: Very close to E Class prices, except for sensible, entry level 2.0 litre models. Few will buy the 4WD I6 and V8.
Good: Very comfortable and refined with excellent ride. Well equipped as standard. Neat handling. High quality interior. New 2.0 litre Volvo D4 DriveE engine extremely smooth and economical.
Bad: Steering could do with more weight. Choosing an automatic means big drops in economy and increases in CO2.
Good: Much more sleek than previous Volvo estates. Clever safety systems. Impressive direct injected petrol engines. Comfortable seats. New 2.0 Volvo D4 diesel from 2014 under 100g/km CO2.
Bad: Artificial steering feel, ride struggles on rough surfaces, not a load carrier like traditional Volvo estates. Five cylinder engines dropped from late 2013.
Good: Big, solid, handsome estate car, bigger than previous V70.
Bad: Not as good looking as old V70. Average to drive.
Good: Very comfortable and refined, makes for a good long distance car, stylish cabin, R Design models look sporty, low emissions DRIVe versions available, very safe.
Bad: D5 diesel is starting to feel dated, Geartronic automatic can be sluggish too.
Good: Smart-looking estate with more off-road ability than the previous XC70. Comfortable, safe and practical.
Bad: Mediocre to drive and arguably not as good looking as its predecessor.
Good: Handsome-looking, safe seven-seater brimming with kit and practical touches in its high-quality cabin. D5 is the one to go for.
Bad: A BMW X5 is a more accomplished drive on and off-road. Timing belt engines need new belts and waterpumps every 60k miles.
Good: Long awaited replacement for original XC90. Gets a more luxurious interior.
Bad: Not arriving until 2015.
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