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Volkswagen Golf (2013 - )

Last updated 1 September 2015


What's good

Good to drive and nimble in the corners.

All the engines get start/stop system.

1.6 TDI with 105PS averages a claimed 74.3mpg.

Five Star Euro NCAP rating: 94% adult protection, 89% child protection, 65% pedestrian protection and 71% safety assist.

What to watch out for

Cars with electromechanical parking brakes cannot be used for the UK driving test.

VWG's new, modular EA211 1.4 litre TSI ACT is belt cam, not chain cam.

Sat nav cannot find a 7 digit UK postcode.

11-1-2013: Warranty on DSG 7 speed dry clutch DQ200 gearbox extended to 5 years or 150,000 kilometres in Russia, China and Australia.

24-4-2013: Poor fuel of 2.0 TDI economy reported. Owner getting 53mpg from Golf 2.0 TDI when he used to get 62mpg from his Mk VI.

10-7-2013: If ACC front sensor is damaged in a bump very few UK dealers have the equipment to replace and re-set it. Obviously this situation will gradually improve.

17-7-2013: Some UK market mis-builds reported. 537 Golf GT TSI BMTs mis-built without features such as electric folding mirrors and footwell lighting. Adaptive cruise control also missing from a number of UK market Golf SE.

31-7-2013: Seems to be a problem of "rattling" rear dampers on more powerful Golf fitted with multilink rear Sports suspension, including the GTI. The fault is with the dampers themselves because it disappears if they are removed.

14-8-2013: Reader reported that rear parking cameras became no longer available due to a supply problem.

14-1-2014: Total loss of Drive reported in June 2013 VW Golf SE 1.4 TSI 122PS DSG 7 in September 2013 at 2,500 miles. Whilst driving, slipped from D into N. Engine roared to well over 5,000 revs but no power translated onto the wheels. This is the classic symptom of crystalline deposits fusing the Mechatronics which resulted in the Wolrdwide recall of 2.6 million VAG DSGs built in 2012 and 2013 filled with synthetic fluid. (The recall is to replace the synthetic fluid with mineral.) The transmission was repaired, but failed again in December 2013. Eventually VW and the supplying dealer agreed to replace the faulty Golf with a brand new car. For more information on this problem see VW Golf Mk VI What to Watch Out For The warning of imminent DSG failure is a spanner icon that alternates with the 'current gear' indicator at the top right of the multifunction display between the tach and speedo.

1-4-2014: Report of another problem with the ACC of nine month old Golf slamming on the brakes without reason. Required two one-month sessions at dealer including replacing ECU.

4-4-2014: Wet footwells in Golf may be due to drain pipe from a/c coming off.

6-4-2014: Replacement Golf 1.4 TSI DSG promised 14-1-2014 (above) had still not arrived. Reader left driving car that intermittently loses drive.

9-4-2014: Air con condenser of Golf Mk VII is vulnerable to stone damage. Zunsport can fabricate a guard grille.

26-5-2014: 2013 Golf 1.4 TSI 122 EA211 DSG used 1 litre of oil in first 8,000 miles.

29-5-2014: On a 2014 Golf the ACC over-reacted, slamming on the brakes when a plastic bag blew into the radar scanner and the scanner has also braked the car when driving between parallel queues of traffic.

2-6-2014: Report of failure of electric parking brake on 6 week old Golf GTD after five people got out of the car. It stayed parked, then later rolled away and was damaged. Could be that the driver failed to apply the brake properly, so make sure by listening for the whirring as it clamps and look for the red warning on the dash. Wise to always leave the car in gear.

18-8-2014: Complaint of Golf Mk DSG being difficult to reverse and also rolling back momentarily when re-starting on hills. Suggested left foot braking.

26-8-2014: Apparently Golf DSG 7 DQ200s built from July 2013 are not affected by the transmission fluid recall TSB 34F6 as the problem had been identified by then and they were filled with the correct oil on the production line.

8-12-2014: Reader having trouble with the 'auto hold' feature of his 2014 VW Golf 1.4TSI 150 ACT DSG niot releasing on drive-off. Dealer thought it was a problem with the rear callipers but it may be the perennial problem with the brake light switch connection to the ECU sticking momentarily on release.

8-2-2015: 18,400 mile '63 reg' VW Golf Mk VII 1.6TDI DSG recalled for transmission oil change from synthetic to mineral. Car still sometimes hesitates in 1st and 2nd gears. Revs go high but car does not move accordingly.

11-2-2015: Reader whose Golf Mk VII 1.4TSI DSG was replaced because of problems with the transmission is still suffering hesitation in traffic running in 'E' mode. Might be the fuel she is using. Might be a lot better on Superunleaded.

11-2-2015: Another complaint of comparatively poor mpg from a Golf Mk VII 2.0TDI compared to the Mk VI TDI. Suggested the reader try Shell V-Power Nitro Plus diesel that the engne is optimised on for the EC tests.

27-4-2015: Another complaint or jerk on take off when auto hold of the transmission and electric parking brake are used in in traffic, this time in a Golf GT 1.4 TSI ACT. Dealer and VW Customer Care both say it is a "characteristic" of the system.

19-7-2015: Repeated ECU failure of new Golf 1.4TSI within the first 3 months.


8-3-2014: Between the end of May 2011 until early November 2012 Volkswagen was putting mineral oil (G052512A2 which is the same oil they are putting in recalled vehicles now) in their 7speed DSG. That's why 2012 owners don't seem to be part of the recall but 2013 owners are. Also before the 30th of May 2011 VW was using the synthetic oil (G052171A2) they are now switching out which is why owners with vehicles from before were under the 35C1 recall for new Mechatronic and automatically got mineral oil added. This means that while 2012 Mk VI was not subject to the recall, the early 2013 MK VII is.

29-10-2014: Report from a reader that his 2 year old VW Golf Mk VII 1.4TSI 140 ACT has been recalled by VW due to a problem with the two cylinder shut down system.

3-1-2015: tells us that Volkswagen of America has announced a voluntary safety recall to check for fuel leaks on 2015 Golf and Golf GTI models and 2014 and 2015 Beetle, Beetle Convertible, Jetta and Passat variants with 1.8T and 2.0T engines. The recall affects about 37,970 cars. "It is possible that a sealing cap on the fuel rail may fail to seal, thus allowing fuel to leak into the engine compartment. Leaking fuel, in the presence of an ignition source, may result in a fire," the automaker said in a statement. Dealers will inspect and, if necessary, replace the fuel rail.

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Owners' Reviews


A hatchback with a premium drive.

On 21 May 2015

Shot to drive

On 3 May 2015

Solid, quality all rounder with a sporty feel and classy interior.

On 24 March 2015

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