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Vauxhall Zafira B (2005 - 2014)

Last updated 21 April 2016

Compact yet can house seven people. Rearmost seats fold into floor. More versatile mid-row seating than previous model. Excellent diesel auto.
Spare wheel is vulnerable to theft. Some build quality concerns. Potential catastrophes with 1.9 diesel engine. Avoid any 1.9 diesels more than 6 years old as a used buy.
Updated 21 April 2016

Timing chain failure reported on 2005 Zafira B 2.2 z22yh at 76,000 miles. Chain tensioner had broken, timing was way off and tensioner bolt was sheared in the engine, resulting in a new engine for £6000+....

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This test is to answer an often-asked question. The World isn't exactly overflowing with 7-seater diesel automatics. So is the new Zafira diesel auto any good?

It's up against the Touran DSG, the forthcoming new Sharan DSG, the forthcoming new Galaxy 1.8 diesel automatic, the last of the old Shalambra diesel automatics. And that's about it.

Vauxhall Zafira Diesel Automatic 2006 Road Test

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Owners' Reviews

Activ SE 1.8
By dombat

Ok for the price

On 22 January 2016
By JM Prieto


On 18 August 2015

Amazing value for £11k

On 22 March 2015

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