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Vauxhall Meriva (2010 - )

Last updated 18 April 2016


What's good

Finalist in 2011 European Car of the Year Awards.

5-STAR EURO NCAP RATING: 89% Adult Protection; 77% Child Protection; 55% Pedestrian Protection; 86% Safety Assist.

What to watch out for

Front door drains leave rainwater in the bottoms of the doors.

2-8-2011: One strange case of the electric parking brake suddenly and repeatedly applying of its own accord while the car was being driven.

7-10-2012: Further report of electric parking brake activating while the car was being driven. Returned to dealer. Supposedly fixed. But kept happening. Finally returned to Vauxhall who kept it for 2 months attempting to identify the fault without success.

19-3-2013: Seems to be a problem of overheating fuel pump relays on 1.7 CDTi. Fuel pump sticks on. Reader report of this at 18 months and 12,500 miles melting the fusebox and damaging the loom.

17-1-2014: Complaint of flooded footwell of three year old Meriva. Dealer replaced a seal in March 2013, but driver's footwell wet again in January 2014. Dealer says cannot find source of leak. Obviously unaware of the door drain problem.

3-5-2014: Another main wiring loom of 20k mile 2011 Meriva 1.7CDTI SE damaged by overheating fuel pump relays. Repaired under 'Lifetime Warranty', but long wait of 11 weeks for the replacement loom, plus 5 days to fit it. Reader supplied with courtesy car for the duration.

20-12-2014: 2011 Vauxhall Meriva 1.4T with oil services at 18,879 miles on 8-5-2012 and at 34,339 miles at 5-3-2013 suffered turbo failure in 2014. Oil not changed frequently enough, but Vauxhall picked up the bill for the new turbo.

7-6-2015: Failure of 'body control sensor' reported on 2011 Meriva 1.4T. (Suspect she meant brake pressure sensor in ABS/ESC module.)

12-7-2015: Another report of a 2011 Vauxhall Meriva B autonomously braking. Would guess that the most likely cause is a fault with the electromechanical parking brake switch.

20-7-2015: On a 2013 Meriva, turning the ignition key to start the engine failed. Two fault lights showed: engine management and immobiliser. Owners handbook advised removing key and re-engaging. This failed. Car removed to Vauxhall dealer and diagnosed as requiring a battery re-set which meant removing the battery leads and replacing. In other words 're-booting' the battery. The cause seems to be battery overload on the many circuits it provides.

17-10-2015: Electric Power Assisted Steering failure reported on 2011 Meriva B 1.4SE Turbo in September 2015. Vauxhall and the dealer contributed 90% of the £1,500 repair cost. 'Moaning' noise now reported from engine at idle after a long run.

18-12-2015: Another EPAS failure reported, this time on a 2010 Meriva B, together with numerous other electrical ailments. Vauxhall dealer charging £200 + for electronic diagnosis.

13-1-2016: Unspecified electrical fault with September 2014 Vauxhall Meriva never resolved. Buyer wants a refund.

16-2-2016: At 58k miles a 2011 Vauxhall Meriva 1.7CDTI showed a dashboard warning that it needed an oil change, just 5k miles after having had one. Dealer found diesel in the sump oil raising its level because the car had been used for repeateds short runs from cold that had choked the DOF with too much soot for active regeneration to take place.

18-4-2016: Report of feathering of inside edges of rear tyres of 2010 Vauxhall Meriva ar 23,000 miles. Thought due to the damping when a light load was being carried.


18-11-2010: Vauxhall Meriva front passenger seat could move without warning. Build dates 01/09/2010 to 30/09/2010.

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Owners' Reviews

1.4 turbo Excite
By Anonymous

comfortable, good drive, poor reliability

On 24 July 2015

Probably the best built car we have ever owned but the slowest to get moving!

On 30 June 2015
By pitty

Brilliantly appointed and ideal for carrying my grandchildren

On 30 April 2015


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