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Vauxhall Meriva (2010 - )

Last updated 18 April 2016

Length 4288–4300 mm
Width 1812–1994 mm
Height 1615 mm
Wheelbase 2644 mm
Boot Space 397–1496 L

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The Flexdoors mark the Meriva out from the competition and the make for incredibly easy access to the back, handy for when you're fitting child seats. There are three separate rear seats that split, slide and fold independently of one another. Folding the narrow centre rear seat flat means you can slide the rear seats back diagonally, as in a Ford C-MAX, to provide more legroom.

You can also fold all the seats flat for carrying luggage while another interesting option is the integrated bicycle rack which is another feature unique to Vauxhall.

In the front you’ll find a similar dashboard and instruments as the Insignia or Astra. The quality is reasonable and although the layout isn't the best with too many buttons on the centre stack, it's functional nonetheless. For 2014 the Meriva gets an updated infotainment system with Bluetooth and USB compatibility for smartphones and MP3 players. However, as before, the display doesn't dim independently of the headlights, so if you drive during the day with your lights on, you'll not be able to see what's on the display.

There’s a curious arrangement of parallel sliding cupholders, nick-nack trays and armrests between the front seats. The fact that the centre console storage area can be slid backwards and forwards on a pair of rails is clever and is helped by an electric parking brake which frees up space. 

You'll also find lots of stowage spaces around the cabin and power points. Some of the storage options are also impressive like a neat pair of grooves into which the load cover can be slid when carrying tall items (or a dog) in the back.

Boot space is 400 litres with the seats up increasing to 920 litres to waist height with all rear seats folded, and 1500 litres to the roof with all rear seats down. There’s more space than in a Ford B-MAX, but no more than you'll find in a Citroen C3 Picasso however at least the boot is roomy and a useful square shape

There’s also a well for a spare wheel under the load floor, but you have to pay an extra £105 for a space saver, otherwise all you get is an inflation kit, which, as we all know, won’t inflate a shredded tyre. We think it's worth the investment.

Up front, you'll enjoy a raised driving position that's comfortable, with the relationship between pedals and steering wheel pretty much spot on. Visibility is also excellent, bordering on panoramic when looking forwar and the interior is airy, even if you go for a dark interior trim.

Sadly, although the material quality is good, some of the surfaces, such as the dashboard itself, look cheap and tacky. The seats themselves are rather firm and not particularly comfortable on longer runs.

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Owners' Reviews

1.4 turbo Excite
By Anonymous

comfortable, good drive, poor reliability

On 24 July 2015

Probably the best built car we have ever owned but the slowest to get moving!

On 30 June 2015
By pitty

Brilliantly appointed and ideal for carrying my grandchildren

On 30 April 2015


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