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Renault Laguna (2001 - 2007)

Last updated 9 May 2014

Stylish looks, luxuriously well equipped and a comfortable ride. A fine motorway cruiser. Excellent crash test rating.
Plagued by wide-ranging problems with the electrics, mechanicals and build quality.
Updated 1 March 2013

Some dealers are now refusing to take this model Laguna in p/x to retail because of the potential for expensive come-backs over electronic problems.

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The new Laguna is two cars in one. Instead of offering a choice between a saloon, a hatchback and an estate car, Renault gives us a choice between two very good looking hatchbacks.

One is a sort of combination hatchback/saloon. The other is best described as a fastback estate, though Renault chooses the words 'Sport Tourer'. It's a few millimetres longer than the hatchback and a few millimetres taller. And while it's hardly ideal for carrying fridges and furniture, it's far prettier than a flat-backed, van-like estate car.

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