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Good: Well priced, with good equipment levels. Compact dimensions but with SUV-like driving position. Car-like handling. Practical rear seats.
Bad: Material quality could be better. Easy to drive but not much fun.
Good: Bigger and better looking Clio an improvement on previous model. Both 90 TCe petrol and 90 dCI diesel under 100g/km CO2.
Bad: Interior quality doesn't match rivals. UK cars have offset pedals and wheel. Steering on 90 TCe a little light.
Good: Impressive handling and grip. Improved refinement and ride compared to previous version.
Bad: Has lost the raw edge of the old Clio Renaultsport. No manual gearbox option only a twin-clutch EDC with paddleshifts.
Good: Qashqai-based 'big brother' to the Captur offering more luggage space and greater versatility.
Bad: Arrives UK Summer 2015
Good: Versatile and user-friendly compact van. Economical 1.5 dCi engines improved for 2013 with start/stop. Z.E all-electric version available with range of 105 miles.
Bad: Short wheelbase Compact version no longer available.
Good: Cheaper to buy new than the previous Master. Economical 2.3-litre chain cam dCi diesel engine. Good looking front end styling.
Bad: Double passenger seat squabs too short for long distance comfort.
Good: Soft riding, yet fine handling hatchback with superb steering. Improved for 2012 with new chain cam 1.2 TCe 115 petrol engine and excellent chain cam 1.6 dCi 130 diesel. Sporty 220GT launched February 2015.
Bad: Some interesting new engines, especially new low emission 1.6 dCi 130. Less practical coupe is better looking. 220GT slower, less fuel efficient and higher CO2 than equivalent SEAT Leon Cupra.
Good: Fine riding and handling and stunning looking coupe just £400 more than the five-door hatch. Sporty 220GT launched February 2015 to sit below RenaultSport Megane.
Bad: Poor rear visibility. Getting in and out of the back is hard work. Fiddly stereo and navigation system. 220GT slower, less fuel efficient and higher CO2 than SEAT Leon SC Cupra.
Good: Impressive glass-panelled folding roof. Comfortable and relaxing to drive. Useable boot space. Refined even with the roof down.
Bad: Fiddly stereo. Fairly pointless rear seats. Emissions and fuel consumption of top dCi 160 on the high side.
Good: Excellent combination of smooth power and surefootedness even on 19-inch wheels.
Bad: Gearchange its only jarring feature.
Good: Plenty of interior space. Good comfort levels and easy to drive. Revised model from 2014 looks good. Well refined.
Bad: Fiddly navigation system. Rear seats don't fold completely flat. Rivals such as the Volkswagen Golf Estate offer more boot space.
Good: Comfortable for seven. Great chain-cam 1.4 TCe 130 engine. Brilliant new chain-cam 1.6 dCi 130 diesel engine from mid 2011.
Bad: 2.0 dCi torque a bit disappointing.
Good: More practical than a crossover but with rugged looks. Comfortable and easy to drive. Well equipped.
Bad: Confusing infotainment system. Some materials could be better. Not a true all-wheel drive.
Good: Improved Trafic gets a new 1.6 diesel engine available as a twin-turbo version Interior has been overhauled. L1 now capable of carrying three Euro pallets.
Bad: Technically not an all-new van rather a thorough revamp. Some minor material issues in the cabin.
Good: Fun to drive in town. Easy to park and manoeuvre. Surprisingly spacious inside.
Bad: Expensive to buy. Lacks motorway refinement. Limited seat adjustment.
Good: Electrically powered with a 50 miles range. Quirky mix of a moped and small city two-seater. Ideal for city commuting.
Bad: Doors are an optional extra. Minimal protection from the elements. Can't be parked in motorcycle bays or driven in bus lanes. Top speed of 53mph.
Good: Sensibly priced compact four-seater electric car. Cute and funky styling. Punchy and smooth to drive around town. 130 miles maximum range.
Bad: Sluggish at higher speeds in Eco mode. Cannot be charged from a standard three-pin socket. You have to pay to lease the battery adding to running costs.
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