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Good: Replacement for 107 promises more upmarket interior and better quality. The 2014 C1, 108 and Aygo are more distinctively different from each other then the original trio.
Bad: Not due until July 2014.
Good: Small SUV competes with Nissan Juke. Engines includes three-cylinder non-turbo petrol emitting 99g/km of CO2. Grip Control makes it better than many 4x4s in the snow.
Bad: Direct competitor to Renault Captur in a market niche that is rapidly becoming crowded. Ideal 130PS 'Puretech' 1.2 turbo petrol engine not until February 2015.
Good: Improves on the 206 CC in every single area. A quite impressive coupe-cabriolet. Best of the CCs this size.
Bad: Too cramped in the rear for adults to sit comfortably for long.
Good: Lighter than the 207. Interesting dash layout. Small steering wheel. Available with economical new three-cylinder petrol engines. Luxurious XY model.
Bad: Gear change action isn't great. Lower trim level models feel less polished and less well made than higher spec cars.
Good: Performance version of the 208 gets a 1.6-litre THP engine with 200bhp.
Bad: Lacks the handling finesse of other hot hatches.
Good: Good to drive as well as practical. Economical and sensibly priced. 99g/km Hybrid4 Congestion Charge exempt.
Bad: Dumpy looks. Eyewatering price of Hybrid4 from £26,600.
Good: Lighter, better looking 308. Outstanding 1.2 Puretech petrol engines and 85g/km 1.6 diesel. five star Euro NCAP rating. European car of the year 2014.
Bad: Satnav out of date.
Good: Much improved over 307CC, good range of engines and transmissions, likely to be more robust than 307CC.
Bad: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Optional 18-inch wheels with 225/40s don't help the ride. Four speed autobox was a duffer.
Good: 308 Station Wagon offers 660/1,775 litres loadspace. Available with 130PS three-cylinder Puretech petrol engine and 85g/km 1.6 eHDi diesel engines. European Car of the Year 2014.
Bad: Satnav mapping out of date.
Good: Roomy, full seven-seat MPV with disappearing rearmost seats. 2506-litre boot capacity. Good ride quality. Very comfortable. Well priced.
Bad: Good, but not a sporty drive.
Good: Substantial new 'big' Peugeot, neatly styled, 1.6-litre, 2.0-litre and 2.2-litre diesels from 112PS to 204PS.
Bad: Styling imposing rather than elegant.
Good: Small but usefully practical small van, easy to drive in town with a tight turning circle, cheap to run thanks to economical 1.4 HDi engine.
Bad: Noisy on the motorway.
Good: Good value for money, plenty of space for rear passengers, easy to drive, low running costs.
Bad: Based on the Bipper van and somewhat lacking in refinement.
Good: Seats up to nine people and has stacks of safety and comfort kit. Useful height-adjustable suspension and sliding rear doors on both sides.
Bad: Van-based looks won't turn heads, should that kind of thing bother you.
Good: Really perky, fun to drive small electric town car with 90mile range. Fuel cost for 10,000 miles a mere £208.
Bad: £415 a month 4 year all-inclusive lease is still expensive for the sort of elderly people who would really benefit from this car. 90% will go to government agencies, councils and fleets.
Good: Based on the 308 so rides and drives very well, available as a crew van, decent on the motorway with little road noise.
Bad: Gearchange could be better, basic S model is base is quite poorly equipped and does without a sliding side door.
Good: Excellent Multi Activity Family Vehicle based on C4/308 floorpan so with fine, car-like handling. Comfortable, hugely versatile and very useful.
Bad: Car snobs need not apply.
Good: A revelation on the road with superb handling. Great styling with double bubble coupe roof. THP 200 engine is the pick of the range. Available with HDi diesel.
Bad: Lower powered 156bhp version of 1.6-litre THP engine lacks zest. Notchy gearchange. Pointless back seats.
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