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MINI Countryman (2010 - )

Last updated 9 November 2015

More practical MINI has five seats and a 350-litre boot. Available with impressive chain cam 1.6 diesel engine. Option of diesel automatic with 4WD.
Styling isn't a universal success and divides opinion. Top models are expensive.
Updated 15 March 2015
Problem with oil solenoid seal of 55k mile 2011 MINI Countryman Cooper S.

Solenoid seal leaked and via the harness contaminated the main control unit. BMW dealer quoted £2,250 to fix. BME MINI contributed 50% of parts cost, leaving a bill of £1,500.

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The 'MAXI' sized Countryman is a major new chapter in the MINI success story. In a nutshell, it offers four or five-seat practicality and a 350-litre boot in addition to the usual MINI trademarks such as sharp steering, fun handling and that all-important quirkiness.

It's impossible to think of this as any other car than a MINI. The Countryman might well be Golf-sized but the styling shares many MINI hatchback details, such as its large, round(ish) headlamps, floating roofline, and down-in-the-dumps radiator shape. That might make it easy to accept for existing owners, but those looking for an alternative to their Qashqai they may well find it a little too wacky.

The Countryman is actually considered to be a crossover by MINI and as such, there is also a four-wheel drive option, otherwise it's powered by the same low emission chain-cam diesel and petrol engines as the standard MINI hatchback. There are no shortage of versions to choose from - it's offered in One, Cooper, Cooper S and John Cooper versions with 1.6-litre and 2.0-litre engines.

The big news for MINI owners looking to trade up is that the Countryman has a large and usable boot. There is plenty of room for four adults and thanks to plenty of carried-over controls and shared styling, they will feel very much a home. In 2010, the Countryman received a new centre console and - for the first time - electric window switches mounted in the doors.

MINI Countryman ALL4 2010 Road Test and Video

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Owners' Reviews


Love. love. love it!!

On 21 May 2014
Countryman R60
By frmarcus66

Lowest rated medium car for value for money by Which?

On 1 May 2014
Cooper D 5dr Hatchback
By Anonymous

A triumph of style over substance

On 30 January 2014

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