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Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate (2008 - )

Last updated 22 May 2014


What's good

Neatly styled estate.

Very comfortable and refined.

Impressive CDI diesels are economical.

Good sized useable boot space.

What to watch out for

13-12-2013: Plastic interior door handles of W204 and S204 C Class seem to be breaking regularly. The first to fail is the drivers because it is the most used. Because these are an integral part of the door panel and not available separately, the cost to replace is £374 (inc VAT), plus fitting. Up to 75% is offered in 'Goodwill' in Germany. Nothing so far in the UK.


13-10-2010: Mercedes is recalling around 85,000 Mercedes Benz C- and E-class models in the US to fix a problem with power steering systems, the US traffic authority NHTSA said. MB told Agence France Presse that the recall is likely to be extended to other countries. The NHTSA added that a problem with the steering system's pump could lead to a loss of fluid leading to a loss of power assistance when parking. Daimler stressed that drivers retained control of the car even in the event of a power steering failure. MB said it will fix the problem in 2010 and 2011 models this month by re-tightening a faulty fitting.

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