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Ford Galaxy (2006 - )

Last updated 26 March 2015

Good to drive and comfortable. Versatile with foldaway seats. Generally good quality. Diesel automatic option. Plenty of room in all back seats.
No spare wheel but TPMS and runflat option from 2010.
Updated 14 November 2014

Ford Galaxy Powershift requires and oil and microfilter change for the transmission at 37,500 miles or 3 years at an additional service cost of £270.

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By "All New Galaxy", Ford means what it says. None of the new Galaxy is a carry-over from the old one. It isn't even made in the same factory. It has new engines, new transmissions, a new floorpan (from the next Mondeo) and it's now built in Gent in Belgium alongside the new S-Max, instead of in Portugal along with the VW Sharan and SEAT Alhambra that shared almost everything apart from their badges.

The old Galaxy sold a solid 10,000 a year in the UK; 100,000 over ten years, making it consistently the best selling 7 seater in the UK. Happily the new Galaxy improves on it in every respect apart from prices, which have been kept remarkably well contained.

Ford Galaxy 2006 Road Test

Ford Galaxy 2010 Road Test 

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Owners' Reviews


Can I have my old MK1 back please?

On 15 April 2013
1.6t petrol
By Anonymous


On 21 October 2012

Could be good but poor build quality

On 31 March 2011

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