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Ford Focus Coupe-Cabriolet (2006 - 2011)

Last updated 9 June 2015

Length 4509 mm
Width 1834 mm
Height 1448 mm
Wheelbase 2640 mm
Boot Space 234–504 L

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Its bum hides a colossal boot of 534 litres. So bags of space for golf bags or holiday luggage, and still 248 litres with the top down. That means a few inches sacrifice of rear seat legroom, though. A 5' 9" person can travel a decent distance behind another five-foot-niner, but two six footers can't.

Top up, it becomes a very elegant coupe well worthy of its Pininfarina badges, and Ford has been smart in using an uncomplicated two-piece roof. That didn't prevent a slight delay in launch due to a hydraulic leak, but that was much more easily fixed than the water leaks of more complicated coupe-cabrios.

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