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Good: Sliding side doors and no central pillar mean unimpeded access. Five star Euro NCAP rating. Engines include 1.0 litre three-cylinder EcoBoost petrol. Decent drive.
Bad: No models under 100g/km. Doors are thick and subsequently heavy to close. Cluttered centre stack.
Good: Neat styling. More practical than a Focus. Fine blend of ride comfort, handling and driver enjoyment. 1.6 TDCi emits 119g/km. High quality interior.
Bad: Small back window cuts rearwards visibility. 18-inch wheels don't do the ride any favours.
Good: Practical, spacious Fiesta based small SUV. Impressive 1.0 EcoBoost engine. Good quality ride.
Bad: Spare wheel on back door not everyone's taste. Tailgate opens wrong way for right hand drive. Handling not up to usual Ford standards.
Good: Diesel only and available with 210PS version of the 2.0 TDCI.
Bad: Not arriving until 2015.
Good: Sharper look for the updated Fiesta. Comes with Ford's award winning 1.0 EcoBoost three-cylinder. One of the best small hatchbacks money can buy.
Bad: Lots of strong hatchback competition around.
Good: Outstanding road handling. 1.6 EcoBoost engine has lots of torque. Practical and comfortable cabin. One of the best hot hatches money can buy.
Bad: Only available in three-door form. Rear seats can be a bit tight for large adults. Interior styling feels a little ordinary.
Good: Relaxed but still enjoyable to drive. Flexible 1.0-litre EcoBoost and 1.5-litre TDCI engines. Interior improved over old Focus. Useful safety and convenience technology.
Bad: Boot could be bigger. 1.0-litre EcoBoost doesn't do well in RealMPG. Larger wheels reduce ride quality.
Good: As good as the hatchback. Great to drive and very refined. Upmarket and comfortable interior. Usefully large boot. The best looking estate this size.
Bad: Top 2.0 TDCI PowerShift automatic models are pricey.
Good: Fitted with impressive 250PS EcoBoost engine. Available as a hatchback or an estate. Great value for money compared to other hot hatches.
Bad: Despite 'symposer', engine may be too quiet for some hot hatch fans. Engine can develop a wiring problem.
Good: Good to drive and comfortable. Versatile with foldaway seats. Generally good quality. Diesel automatic option. Plenty of room in all back seats.
Bad: No spare wheel but TPMS and runflat option from 2010.
Good: Seven seats as standard along with sliding side doors. Outstanding combination of ride and handling. Good range of low emission petrol and diesel engines.
Bad: A seven-seater for young families rather than those with tall teenagers.
Good: Easy to drive and economical. Based on the Fiat 500 but handles much better. More room in rear than 500.
Bad: Diesel engine not worth the extra. Never got TwinAir engine.
Good: Probably the sportiest handling SUV in the £20k-£30k bracket. More spacious than original. Options include electric tailgate.
Bad: Ride on 18-inch and especially on 19-inch wheels is hard.
Good: Fantastic to drive. Refined and comfortable to travel in. Massively roomy cabin and huge boot. Excellent value. Efficient ECOnetic and EcoBoost models.
Bad: Large size means it can be tricky to park without parking sensors. Top model list prices quite high new.
Good: Impressive quality and refinement makes it stand out from the competition. Rides exceptionally well but still with keen handling. Very spacious and practical interior.
Bad: Steering isn't as sharp as the previous Mondeo.
Good: Fantastic to drive. Refined and comfortable to travel in. Massively roomy cabin and huge load capacity. Excellent value. Efficient ECOnetic models.
Bad: Large size means it can be tricky to park without parking sensors. Top models list prices quite high new.
Good: All-new Mustang will come in right hand drive. New suspension front and rear. Promises to be far more sophisticated and refined than current Mustang.
Bad: V8 will sound good but likely to be very thirsty.
Good: Stylish and rugged looks. Comfortable cabin and option of five-seat Super Cab model. Five star Euro NCAP crash safety rating. Impressive towing ability.
Bad: Some interior plastics look a little cheap especially on base models. 2.2 TDCi engine noisy when pushed.
Good: Strong blend of comfort and performance. Fun to drive. Standard equipment is high on all models.
Bad: Third row of seats are cramped. Boot is tiny when carrying seven. Cannot be fitted with a spare wheel.
Good: Hugely practical. Up to 16 seating configurations. Based on the excellent Transit Connect van. Impressive range of engines
Bad: Doesn't handle as well as a Mazda5 or a C-MAX.
Good: More refined and better to drive than before. Impressive interior quality. 2.2-litre diesel engine has improved economy. More than 450 model variants. Bluetooth as standard.
Bad: Other vans offer more overall loadspace.
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