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Citroen Reviews

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Good: Comfortable ride and reasonably nimble handling. Good load space in both wheelbase versions. Opening roof flap adds to versatility.
Bad: Lower power engine struggles on the motorway. Optional third seat is cramped for centre passenger.
Good: Practical and versatile family. Handles and rides better than some family hatchbacks. Huge load capacity. Massively improved safety over previous Berlingo Multispace.
Bad: Not for car snobs. Essentially a van.
Good: Cheap to run with zero tax on all models. Improved interior quality and refinement over previous C1. Available with retractable fabric roof. Decent at motorway speeds.
Bad: Similar Toyota Aygo has sharper looks.
Good: Neat looking small hatchback. Uses some of the same engines as MINI. 1.6 HDi is the best in the range. Excellent ride quality.
Bad: Lacklustre handling. Interior looks good on the surface but lacks quality in depth.
Good: Decent practical upright car. Roomy in the back. Good load capacity. Drives and rides well. Excellent ingress and egress. Panoramic front screen with no blindspots. New 1.2 Puretech petrol engine.
Bad: Automatic originally only an automated manual. Avoid repeated short runs from cold with diesel versions. Obviously not sporty.
Good: Huge improvement in quality on previous C4. Comfortable and quiet on the move. Large and useful boot. Good HDi diesel engines. Neat styling.
Bad: Array of warning chimes can be annoying. Relatively crude suspension not in the same class as the Focus or Golf. EGS 'automatic' takes getting used to.
Good: Unique interior design has a boutique feel. Comfortable and refined on the move. Spacious inside with a good quality finish. Available with impressive 1.2 PureTech engine.
Bad: Unusual styling sure to divide opinion. ETG6 gearbox can be jerky. Rear windows only pop-out and don't wind down.
Good: Impressive ride quality. Improved interior finish. Very practical and family friendly.
Bad: New control interface system isn't the easiest to use. Useless glovebox.
Good: Much improved over predecessor. Impressive handling. Feels better finished inside. Large boot.
Bad: Rather clunky manual gear change.
Good: Neat interior, Very comfortable. Hydractive suspension isolates driver and passengers from the road. Efficient HDi engines.
Bad: Very little steering 'feel' especially on Hydractive suspension. No hatchback only a saloon or estate.
Good: Citroen's all-electric small car. Zero tailpipe emissions. No VED and no fuel costs. Free to drive into central London congestion zone.
Bad: Range is 80 miles. Expensive. Tight inside.
Good: New engines will return up to 53mpg, payload has been increased to 1400kg, 2.5 tonne towing capacity.
Bad: Not available until mid-2016.
Good: High quality interior. Great 1.6 THP 165 petrol engine with six-speed gearbox. Wide engine range. Drives, rides and handles well.
Bad: Makes you wonder why all Citroens can't be this good. By 2014, older direct injected 1.6 THP 150 was starting to suffer problems.
Good: As enjoyable and as good to drive as the DS3 hatchback. Roof can be folded and unfolded at speeds up to 70mph.
Bad: Small and inaccessible boot. Not quite a true cabriolet. Poor rear visibility with roof down.
Good: Fashionable looks. Improved quality compared to previous Citroen models. Improved engines from 2015. Lots of scope for personalisation.
Bad: Hard ride. Not very comfortable, with limited leg room in the rear. Rear windows do not wind down.
Good: More stylish alternative to the C5. Impressive interior. Much better from 2015.
Bad: Actually based on the C4, not the C5. No Hydractive suspension on the DS model that really should have had it. Very poor ride quality especially on 19-inch wheels, improved from 2015.
Good: Surprisingly spacious small van. Clever features include fold flat passenger seat. Economical and cheap to run. Available with twin sliding doors.
Bad: Noisy on the motorway. Ride is somewhat unrefined.
Good: Cheap to buy and run. Versatile and decently equipped. Neatly styled. Lots of headroom in the back.
Bad: Taller drivers will find the front seats cramped. Lacks refinement. Based on a van. 1.4-litre petrol is sluggish.
Good: One of the largest vans in its class. Wide choice of wheelbases and heights. Punchy engines. Suited to heavy work and towing. Comfortable ride and good handling.
Bad: Drab plastics. Passenger bench seat is not as comfortable as it should be for long distances. Noisy at speed.
Good: Citroen badged version of Peugeot Traveller 8 seater, available in three wheelbases and also available with four wheel drive.
Bad: Not yet clear which versions will be available in the UK.
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