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Good: Second generation 1 Series has more efficient engines. 116d Efficient Dynamics ECDC 74.3mpg and 99g/km. 125d offers amazing performance and economy. At under £30k, 320PS 135i is a performance car bargain.
Bad: The looks take some getting used to.
Good: The replacement for 1 Series Coupe. Much better looking inspired by the stylish 4 Series. Great blend of ride and handling. M235i is superb and hugely enjoyable.
Bad: 220d can sound a little gruff at high revs.
Good: 2 Series Active Tourer is the first BMW model to get the new front wheel drive 1.5-litre three-cylinder and 2.0 litre four-cylinder engines destined for the third generation MINI.
Bad: Not arriving until later in 2014.
Good: More passenger space than 1 Series Convertible it effectively replaces. Available as an economical 220d.
Bad: Not arriving until 2015.
Good: 320d Efficient Dynamics manages 109g/km of CO2, 68.9mpg and can really do that. 328i is the star of the range.
Bad: Extras can easily add £10,000 to the price.
Good: New stylish hatchback version of the 3 Series. Gets more practical load area, extra rear space and a softer ride. Strong and economical engines.
Bad: More expensive than a 3 Series Touring. Doesn't handle as sharply as the standard saloon.
Good: Station wagon based on the excellent 3 Series.
Bad: Diesel engine stop/start system can be gruff.
Good: Effectively the replacement for the 3 Series Coupe. Longer wheelbase means more interior space. Also Convertible and Gran Coupe versions. Best looking BMW in the range.
Bad: Firm ride on larger wheels.
Good: Stylish looks and very desirable. 435i is an amazing engine with thunderous performance. Superb handling. Rides better than coupe.
Bad: Roof only works up to 8mph.
Good: Four-door with hatchback practicality. Sleek and stylish looks. Electric tailgate as standard. Available with xDrive four-wheel drive. Impressive ride quality. Same price as 4 Series Coupe.
Bad: Does look similar to the 3 Series from certain angles.
Good: Simply the best executive saloon on the market. Refined and high quality interior. Great to drive with a forgiving ride. Remarkably efficient 520d. Five-star NCAP crash rating.
Bad: Steering doesn't quite have the feel or weight you'd expect from a BMW.
Good: Refined and spacious alternative to a 7 Series or an X5. Usefully large boot with clever twin opening. Very comfortable and quiet with great performance from all engines.
Bad: Doesn't handle as well a 5 Series saloon. Unusual styling looks awkward from certain angles. Limited rear visibility.
Good: Great to drive with a perfect blend of handling and ride comfort, top quality interior, very refined at high speeds, great engines including very efficient 520d.
Bad: There are other cars in the class with larger boot spaces.
Good: Sleek looks and more handsome than previous 6 Series. Powerful yet economical 640d has an epic engine. High quality interior similar to latest 5 Series. Amazingly refined.
Bad: More of a grand tourer than a sports car.
Good: Incredibly smooth and refined. One of the best convertibles at minimising wind turbulance with the top down. Very well equipped as standard. Good ride. 640d from September 2011.
Bad: Other convertibles at this level have a folding hard-top roof.
Good: Four-door version of the 6 Series is an alternative to the Audi A7 Sportback, available with the excellent 640d engine.
Bad: Prices start at more than £60k.
Good: High quality luxurious interior, huge amounts of space in the back, long wheelbase versions available, Efficient Dynamics means good economy and low CO2.
Bad: Too much tyre roar makes it probably the the harshest 'limo'.
Good: BMWs first hybrid matches the 535i for performance but with emissions of just 149g/km and low company car tax rates.
Bad: Not cheap at £46,860.
Good: Available as a range extended version. Impressive performance and handling. Superb interior design. Eight year battery warranty. UK Car of the Year 2014.
Bad: Styling is best described as 'complex'. Boot is a touch on the small side.
Good: Redefines hybrid performance. Great sound from little 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine. Mighty through corners with effortlessly smooth acceleration. An absolute joy to drive.
Bad: Will only be available in limited numbers.
Good: Twin turbo 3.0-litre straight six engine with 430PS. More powerful, quicker yet more economical than before. Impressively forgiving ride. Phenomenal grip in the dry. Easier to drive than previous M3.
Bad: Lacks the V8 sound of the previous M3, but still makes nice noises. M DCT essential.
Good: Replacement for M3 Coupe drops V8 in favour of twin turbocharged 430PS 3.0-litre engine. Acceleration from 0-62mph drops to just 4.1 seconds with M DCT. Phenomenal high speed grip and stability.
Bad: Slightly heavier than M3. Two doors less practical than four.
Good: Immense twin-turbo 560PS V8 engine has more power than outgoing M5 yet improved economy. Thunderous performance. Huge amounts of grip and excellent brakes.
Bad: Not cheap at £73,000 and M Performance Edition an eyewatering £95,140.
Good: Massive power. 189mph top speed. Much better looking than predecessor. 28.5mpg combined.
Bad: High price.
Good: Compact off-roader available with two or four-wheel drive. Car-like to drive. Economical diesel engine with various power outputs. Usefully large boot.
Bad: Bland and ugly fascia, especially if factory sat nav not fitted.
Good: Low CO2 of 2.0 diesel thanks to start-stop system. Bigger and much better than previous X3. Good quality cabin. Comfortable ride. Six cylinder engine option from mid 2011.
Bad: Stop start does not work below three degrees centigrade. Originally best in class meant a long waiting list.
Good: Coupe-inspired alternative to the X3. High level of standard equipment including electric tailgate and navigation. Impressively refined ride quality.
Bad: Narrow tailgate glass area means limited rear visibility.
Good: Impressive interior quality and exceptionally comfortable. Handles very well for such a big vehicle. Available as a two-wheel drive 25d model with strong fuel economy.
Bad: Sheer size means it's not always easy to park. Aggressive looks not universally popular.
Good: Unique coupe and SUV style. Drives and handles astonishingly well for a big vehicle. M50d has monstrous 381PS and 740Nm torque.
Bad: Far from nimble. Not as practical as an X5. Intimidating to other drivers.
Good: Stylish and refined roadster coupe with folding hard top. Strong performance from 6 cylinder engines. Much improved steering feel came as part of 2013 revamp.
Bad: Top sDrive 35i 340PS engine is expensive, but not compared to a 340PS F-Type Jaguar.
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