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Good: Chic and sporty looks plus a classy interior. Enjoyable to drive. Efficient chain cam petrol engines, plenty of scope for personalisation. Well equipped. 99g/km 1.6 TDI from 2011.
Bad: Efficient and pleasant but not overtly sporty.
Good: Five door A1 is more practical with extra interior space. Same efficient engines as the three-door. Desirable image. Enjoyable to drive. At its best with 1.4 TFSI engine.
Bad: Top models are fairly pricey especially when you start adding optional extras. Firm ride on Sport and S Line suspension.
Good: Sharper styled and much improved A3. Comes with low emissions engines. Great looking high quality interior. Refined at speed.
Bad: Limited engine range initially.
Good: A big improvement on the previous model. Impressively refined and quiet. Usable boot. Rides and handles well. More interior room.
Bad: S line sports suspension best avoided if you want comfort.
Good: Generally very refined. Quick and loses nothing of the conventional A3 understated class. Fuel-free mileage potential is alluring.
Bad: Ride quality and tyre noise issues are thorns in its side. Loss of some boot space may be a problem for some. Real world running costs could be substantial with high daily mileage.
Good: Looks and feels like a larger Audi model. Good choice of powerful and efficient engines. Rides and handles well
Bad: Boot is less practical than standard A3. Rear headroom and visibility isn't as good as the hatchback
Good: More practical version of the A3 has more passenger space and a larger boot. Wide choice of engines including impressive 1.4 TFSI.
Bad: Not the most exciting of designs.
Good: High quality interior with plenty of space. Excellent steering and handling. Available with quattro four-wheel drive. Frugal 2.0 TDI. Improved for 2012 with more efficient engines.
Bad: Doesn't handle quite as well as a BMW 3 Series. Chain cam 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI more reliable than belt cam diesels, but have oil consumption problems.
Good: As good to drive as standard A4 Avant but with quattro four-wheel drive and raised ground clearance. Ideal for towing. Refined and well built.
Bad: Prices new are close to the Q5.
Good: Comfortable and easy to drive. More roomy than previous A4 Avant with up to 1,500 litres of space. 2.0 TDI engine suits it perfectly.
Bad: Original chain cam 160PS 1.8 TFSI engine is thirsty (later improved).
Good: Best looking model in Audi range. quattros enjoyable and sharp to drive. Large boot. 2.0 TDI is punchy but economical.
Bad: Rear seat not as roomy or as comfortable as a 3 Series Coupe. Options can add up to thousands and make used examples difficult to price. Oil consumption problem with 2.0 TSI.
Good: Good looking convertible that effectively replaced the popular A4 Cabriolet. High quality and stylish cabin.
Bad: High number of faults and problems with early models but should be sorted by 2009. Oil consumption problem with 2.0 TSI.
Good: Svelte coupe looks with large hatchback practicality. Plenty of space and headroom in the back. Low emissions from 2.0 TDI 170.
Bad: Starting to feel dated. Firm ride on S line models. Oil consumption problem with 2.0 TSI.
Good: Impressive cabin with a straightforward layout. Very quiet and refined on the move. Navigation and leather seats as standard. Efficient 2.0 TDI. Hybrid from 2012.
Bad: Less standard equipment than previous model and optional extras can very quickly push the price up.
Good: Lighter and more economical than before. Available with immense 3.0 BiTDI engine. Superb quality interior. Refined and smooth ride.
Bad: High starting prices.
Good: Refined and comfortable. 2.0 TDI model averages a claimed 56.5mpg. More headroom than previous A6 Avant. 3.0 BiTDI is stunningly quick.
Bad: Mercedes E-Class Estate has a bigger boot. Less standard equipment than before and options quickly add up to thousands.
Good: Spacious and luxurious interior. A rarity on the roads so ensures exclusivity. 3.0 BiTDI engine with 313PS is immense. Black Edition models available.
Bad: Multitronic CVT in lower powered 3.0 TDI is relaxed but not very responsive.
Good: The ultimate in luxurious travel. Superb refinement and a pleasure to travel in. Good to drive with agile handling. 3.0 TDI offers remarkable economy for such a large car. High-tech and stylish interior.
Bad: Apart from the dominant grille, styling is tasteful and understated.
Good: Stylish. compact SUV in a similar fashion to the Range Rover Evoque. Impressive fuel economy and low CO2. Two and four-wheel drive available.
Bad: Front passenger space tight. Limited range of engines initially. Disconcertingly light steering at low speeds.
Good: Refined and practical. Impressive rear passenger space and decent boot. Good economy from 2.0 TDI. Chain cam 2.0 TFSI. Smooth long distance comfort.
Bad: Optional extras can add tens of thousands.
Good: High quality interior. Incredibly spacious. Excellent security rating. Strong 3.0 TDI engine.
Bad: Rearmost seats tight for adults. Big size can make it tricky to manoeuvre. 21 inch wheels are easily damaged and require expensive tyre changes.
Good: Refined supercar that can be used everyday, with a forgiving ride. Very quick with secure quattro roadholding. Outstanding V10 engine.
Bad: R tronic semi-auto can be slow to react to paddles. Interior finish starting to feel cheap and dated compared to latest Porsche 911.
Good: 2015 Audi R8 V10 plus offers 205mph and 0-60 in 3 seconds.
Bad: 1st orders accepted May 2015, but deposits taken from 26th February.
Good: The most sensible supercar you could buy. Stunningly quick.
Bad: R Tronic best avoided in favour of manual.
Good: Retains wonderful 2.5 litre 5 cylinder chain cam engine. More power, faster gearchange, now on MQB subframes
Bad: Not cheap at £40k. Optional extras can significantly increase the price.
Good: Great performance from 450PS normally aspirated V8 engine. Quattro as standard. Huge amounts of grip and traction.
Bad: Lacks the raw edge of the previous RS4.
Good: Thunderous performance from lovely V8 engine. Understated styling. Great handling and traction. The usual high quality you'd expect from Audi throughout.
Bad: Not available as a manual which may put off some enthusiasts. Seven-speed transmission 'protects itself' so the car can be frustratingly slow off the line.
Good: New Audi RS6 gets less powerful 4.0-litre V8 rather than 5.0-litre V10 of its predecessor but has faster acceleration and better economy.
Bad: Economy of 29mpg means you'll spend a lot of time at the pumps.
Good: Extremely fast but not ferocious RS rendition of A7 with 560PS and 700Nm torque.
Bad: £83,495 price tag is just the start. Jaguar XFR-S is cheaper and comes with more kit.
Good: Rapid version of the A1 powered by 231PS 2.0 turbocharged engine. Quattro four-wheel drive means immense traction. High quality feel. Understated looks.
Bad: Fast but other hot hatches are more enjoyable to drive. Bouncy ride.
Good: Powered by new 2.0 TFSI engine with 300PS. Quattro four-wheel drive means superb traction. Lighter weight helps economy with an official 40mpg.
Bad: Subtle rather than overtly sporty looks.
Good: Effortless performance from 4.0-litre V8 engine. Available as a saloon or Avant. Fuel economy improved over previous S6. Refined ride for a performance car.
Bad: Somewhat lacking the excitement you'd expect from an Audi S model.
Good: Great blend of refinement, quality and performance. Lovely sound from twin turbo V8 engine. Feels nimble for what is a large car. Relatively efficient given the power it offers.
Bad: More economical 3.0 BiTDI feels just as quick in everyday driving.
Good: High performance S8 gets twin turbo V8 with 520PS.
Bad: Not cheap at more than £75k.
Good: Sharper design with R8 styling cues. Superb interior. Improved handling. Economical range of engines.
Bad: A lot more expensive to buy. Firm ride. Adults will struggle to fit into the rear seats.
Good: As sharp a drive as the coupe version. Eye-catching looks and nice design details in the cabin. Good range of engines including economical TDI. Very few reported problems.
Bad: Stiff ride ride on 19-inch wheels unless magnetic suspension is fitted. Blustery with top down.
Good: Impressive levels of grip. Good to drive. Efficient diesel model. Quality cabin with excellent 'Virtual Cockpit' as standard.
Bad: Still not a sports car. Jittery ride over broken British backroads. Expensive options.
Good: Characterful and powerful five-cylinder engine. Easy to drive at low speed. Sporty cabin. Available as a Coupe or a Roadster.
Bad: Expensive compared to the rest of the TT range. Not as involving to drive as the similarly priced Porsche Cayman.
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