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I followed your advice and took my Subaru to API Engines who turned out to be excellent. Although Subaru (IM Motors) eventually (and too late) offered...
I have been considering the possible merit of using TyrePal. My concern is that the device that fits to the tyre valve and must hold the valve open to...
I am considering the purchase of an in-car forward-facing camera recording system. It would need to be compatible for use in both my 2008 Ford Focus car...
My friend is looking at changing her 09 Golf 1.4 tsi for a new car. She likes the new Audi A3 hatchback however it's slightly too big for her garage (which...
My Toyota garage says that if I replace the spark plugs with 'Laser Iridium Premium NGK IFR6T11' they will cause problems - what problems - not stated....
I was thinking of using one of the online car dealers to sell my car, do you recommend any - for example webuyanycar.com
I am looking to get an updated satnav DVD for a 5-year-old Honda. The dealer warns that anything other than a very expensive disc bought from them would...
On your advice we bought a Toyota Verso S. We are delighted. Well designed, well built and a joy to drive. Thank you.
What evidence enables you to recommend certain fuels to your readers who are worried about supermarket fuels?
I would like thank you for your excellent advice on how to sell my Fiat Panda. Suresell sold it for £3500 net of their charges and it was hassle-free....


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