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Most recently answered SUVs questions
I'm after a decent 4x4 SUV for less than £4000. I've read a few reviews and it appears the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4 are the best options. What do you...
I have long coveted a Range Rover Evoque but have never been able to afford one. I have now seen a 2011 model 2.2 SD4 Pure Tech for sale under £20,000....
I'm looking to upgrade my 2009 petrol Nissan Qashqai+2 to a Honda CR-V. Which CR-V engine is the best, considering I do around 15,000 miles a year for...
Which car is most reliable – Kia Venga, Renault Captur or the Hyundai ix20? I do about 6000 miles a year and need something that's reliable, with an automatic...
I am nearing retirement and will be giving up my diesel all-wheel drive Ford Kuga. I cover around 5000 miles per year and need a smallish petrol 4x4 to...
In view of the current anti-diesel trends, are manufacturers of 4x4s and crossovers (other than the Japanese) expected to introduce more petrol engines...
The ERG valve has failed on our 12 month old Range Rover Evoque. Coolant has entered the engine, what possible damage could have been done?
We are considering buying a new Porsche SUV, but can't decide between the Macan or Cayenne. I cover 15,000 miles a year and diesel would seem to be the...
I would like to buy a small SUV and have £10,000 to spend. Which car would you recommend? It must have a comfortable driving position and decent economy.
My wife is looking to buy a used Peugeot 2008 (currently has a 207). She wants a higher driving position, decent performance and comfort. Which model would...
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