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Citroen C4 clutch replacement - do I need a flywheel too?
I have been quoted amounta around the £800 mark for replacing the cklutch on a 2006 C4 HDI with a dps. It appears alot of the cost relates to also replacing the flywheel- which the garage state is "recommended". When I queried whether "recommended" also meant "essential" they couldn't really say. This flywheel is a very expensive item and actually adds over £300 on the bill, so I am keen to find out if it really is a necessary expense on an already expensive item.

Asked on 8 February 2012 by nomads

Answered by Honest John
Absolutely essential because if it fails after another 10k miles you will have to pay for the engine and transmission to be separated again which is the lions share of the cost of the job.
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