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Warranties for SAABs?
My father and I run our own company, he (against my advice) took out a contract hire (non maintenance) on a Saab 9-3 1.9ttid4, brand new 11-plate car.

Small issue but one of the tyre pressure sensors has failed, ALD Automotive (whom the contract is with) advise that Saab (or former Saab) dealers are allowed to carry out the work but currently Saab are not reimbursing the warranty, ergo we have to pay for it.

I cant find anything in the small print about warranty and/or supplying manufacturer bankruptcy.

ALD claim they just supply the finance, I claim we pay for a service we are not receiving (brand new car with 3yr warranty) so they are in breach of contract.

Any idea where we stand, or where we should head with this? Id be happy to hand the car back!

Asked on 8 February 2012 by SCN_Saul

Answered by Honest John
Neither the finance house nor the supplying dealer's responsibility when a manufacturer goes bust. You need to buy an aftermarket warranty. www.warrantydirect.co.uk is offering a 25% discount to SAAB owners, but it will not offer the same coverage as a new car manufacturer warranty.
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