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cambelt replacement
I own a 2004 Ford Transit Connect TDCI with 108,000 miles on the clock.

The Ford service guide recommends replacing the cam belt at 150,000 miles, but The Ford Transit Connect owners website has many people suggesting that it is replaced at 100,000 or sooner.

I queried this at a Bristol Street Motors Ford commercial vehicle garage, which I use for all servicing and repairs since buying the van.

The garage said there was no need to replace the cam belt any sooner and if it were to snap Ford would pay any damages incurred.

Should I believe this? Should I have anything to worry about? I am planning a drive to the south of France this summer and wondered if it would be worth having the job done before I leave?

Asked on 3 April 2011 by matt_bailey

Answered by Honest John
I've never heard of the 2.0TDCI snapping its belt prematurely. Neither have I heard of Ford meeting the cost if this happened. I would say that replacing it, and the waterpumps, small pulleys and tensioner is a good idea.
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