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Bad start to the year
I am wondering if there is some kind of ombudsman/arbitration service available for a dispute with a garage. Long story short, I took my van into a Birmingham van dealership. It was not starting well on cold mornings. I was told it needed a new fuel pump at £550. I called later and was told my van was on the ramp, but the cost was £950; £550 was only for the part. I collected van next day and it still started badly. The garage then closed for the New Year holiday and I had to get the AA out to start me. After a few tests the AA man told me the problem was poor amperage - possibly some of the glow plugs not working. He doubted very much that the fuel pump should have been changed. I took his report back to the garage and was told to leave it for inspection. I called next day and was told a starter motor was needed at £315, so got it done. Next day, guess what, doesn't start. Is there any way of taking the matter to some intermediary?

Asked on 27 March 2010 by G.H., Birmingham

Answered by Honest John
If the garage is a member of www.motorcodes.co.uk then that is your
independent conciliator and arbitrator in this type of dispute.
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