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Lighter fool?
I would like to replace my standard headlight bulbs to vastly improve the light quality. (Fitting Halford’s Extreme Brilliance H1 Xenon 12v 55w bulbs has made no difference at all.) This will be by fitting 100w High Wattage H1 headlight bulbs. My car is a Honda Accord Tourer registered in 04, fitted with plastic lenses. A couple of suppliers have stated that H1 100w Bulbs are a direct replacement for standard wattage H1 headlight bulbs. And they are UV protected to block UV rays and so are safe to use with car headlights that have plastic lenses. Is this the case or do I need to take any special precautions?

Asked on 27 February 2010 by B.G., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
I don't agree with uprating headlights for a lot of reasons. Particularly
those listed at www.blindedbixenon.co.uk But if you get someone like Halfords to do the job for you and it all goes wrong, at least you have some comeback.
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