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Skids marked
I wrote to you in July this year about the new 2009 model BMW 320d automatic convertible I bought. It is the first auto and convertible I have owned and is a great car even in the colder months. However, now that ice and snow may be common on our untreated roads, I’m a bit concerned about skid control in an automatic. With a manual, I know to steer into the skid and dip the clutch to allow the wheels to turn with the momentum of the car. But, you obviously can’t do this with an auto even though the car has traction control. Am I worrying unnecessarily or is there a different technique to control a skid on icy roads in an auto apart from jumping off the accelerator?

Asked on 27 February 2010 by D.N., Thornton Cleveleys

Answered by Honest John
Learn some skid control at www.porsche.com/silverstone. The £165 half day ‘You Drive’ course that gives you a few laps driving a Porsche, plus instruction in your own car on the skidpan and ice hill. You will probably find you can control skids on ice and snow better with the ESP off than with it on.
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