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5th gear, brains in neutral
I was recently driving along a reasonably quiet stretch of the M60, and pulled over from the inside lane to the middle lane on the approach to a junction as I could see a car about to join the motorway. What happened though, is that the person joining pulled straight out into the middle lane, forcing me to the outside lane. The
driver actually believed that the middle lane is the correct place for him to be, and that the inside lane is purely for lorries etc. Again, this morning, I followed an Audi A8 driving along in the middle lane, being overtaken on the inside by a large tipper truck because he was only travelling at about 50mph. What these people fail to realise is that by hogging the middle lane at a slower speed than many other drivers is both very dangerous, and it effectively cuts a 3-lane motorway down to just two lanes.

Asked on 27 February 2010 by C.S., Manchester

Answered by Honest John
You don't have to rant. I've been ranting for you for years. These people are generally known as members of CLOG (Centre Lane Owners Group) and need to be re-educated at every opportunity that causes no one any danger.
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