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Bling low, sweet chariot
I bought my BMW E93 330d MSport cabrio new on 25/06/2007 from Almondbury BMW Huddersfield With 19” wheels. After 5,000 miles the rear tyres badly scrubbed on their inside edges. BMW replaced the tyres under warranty and re-set the alignment. At 11,500 miles thought I had a puncture in the nearside rear. On inspection I found that the wheel had seven cracks in the alloy rim and the offside rear wheel had 2 cracks that had caused the deflation. All 4 tyres were also badly scrubbed. BMW agreed to replace the wheels and set tracking and half towards tyre cost. At the car’s 15,500 mile service was I was told tyres ok but tracking out, tracking re-set as good will. At 20,300 miles I thought I had a puncture again. I found the rear tyre badly scrubbed on its inside edge, tracking obviously out again. The car is at Almondbury BMW at present so don't know if wheels are damaged. Could I ask, have you experienced these problems before? What do you feel BMW should do under warranty and have you any suggestions of a cure?

Asked on 27 February 2010 by V.F., via e-mail

Answered by Honest John
Idiotic wheel and tyre spec. Damage is virtually inevitable in the UK. Junk them and switch to 18" wheels with the new Bridgestone Runflat 3 tyres. 17" would be better still but they may not fit round the brake
callipers. It's a huge problem. I brought it up with BMW early last year but BMW in Germany won't acknowledge it (they have decent roads in Germany and no speed cushions). Since then many more BMW owners have complained to BBC Watchdog. Straddling speed cushions is probably what wrecked your wheels and tyres.
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