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Central Intelligent Agency?
I was interested in a recent letter about Intelligent Speed Adaptation for cars. I live in the New Forest and our local paper is full of ideas to prevent animal accidents, speeding, etc. One wished to fix ISA collars to all the forest animals that would curb the speed of passing cars. I do not expect you to publish the letter as it is far too long but your comments generally would be appreciated

Asked on 27 February 2010 by M.S., Brockenhurst

Answered by Honest John
ISA collars on animals would not work unless all the cars passing through the new Forest were fitted with ISA. In fact there is massive opposition to Invesment Bankers (and politicians) making around £15 billion out of the first estimate of £30 billion that ISA would cost the country (which will probably rise to £60 billion). That's what this is all about. Making money out of imposing new laws. That's what politics is. But the UK is so broke I don’t think it can happen.
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