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Snow socks better than winter tyres
I had Pirelli "Sottozero" winter tyres (Sotto means 'under' in Italian) fitted to my Vauxhall Vectra and found them so much better on lightly snowed roads.
However I became afflicted with overconfidence by trying to drive up a hilly single track road that is rarely used in poor weather conditions but with the advantage of being a short cut to our house: I was dismayed to experience sheet ice instead of the expected virgin snow on the hilliest section and found my car sliding slowly backwards even with all four wheels firmly locked.

With great difficulty I managed to reverse down the lane and returned home, only to be given a strong wigging by my wife for taking such a silly risk.

Would snow socks have been much of an improvement over my faithful Pirelli winter tyres on sheet ice?

And, should I fit them on all 4 wheels or can I get away with fitting them on the driven wheels only?

Asked on 19 December 2010 by Dekkers42

Answered by Honest John
Snow socks only work on soft snow because their fibres pick up snow and use it to provide traction against snow. They don't work on ice.
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