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Top 10: Best dash cameras to suit all budgets

If you’ve decided to buy a dash camera then there are plenty of routes you can go down – prices range from free, for phone apps, through to very expensive. There are various options too, from purpose-made dash cameras to devices like action cameras, which do the job just as well or sometimes better. We've picked ten options to suit all budgets and this list is in price order.

The 10 cheapest dash cams | All the latest product news


Lanka HD dash camera – £21.99

The best way to describe this dash camera is 'cheap and cheerful'. If you're thinking of getting a dash camera, but you're not quite ready to take the plunge on a high-end model, this is a good introduction. Just don't expect the best footage, build quality or reliability. 

It might not be the fanciest dash camera in the world, but it is well-reviewed by owners. For those who want to try a dash camera out for the first time, it's hard to complain too much at a price of just £21.99. 

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Nextbase 112 – around £50

Nextbase is the biggest brand in the UK when it comes to dash cameras - and that's well-deserved. Its range of cameras is easy to use, well-made and shoots good quality footage - even at the cheaper end of the scale.

The 112 is relatively basic, with a maximum resolution of 720p and no GPS receiver for recording speed and location. But on the plus side it features the Click and Go mount, which makes taking the camera out of the car easy without having to disconnect wiring. Shop around and it's available for less than £50, too. 

Buy a Nextbase 112 from Amazon


Vantrue N1 – around £50

Tiny and discreet, the Vantrue N1 is a neatly-styled little dash camera. It's cheap - so not quite as strongly-constructed as some - but it does shoot decent quality footage, with resolution up to 1080p at 30fps. It doesn't have a GPS sensor out of the box, but one can be added as a £21.99 accessory. 

Despite its tiny size there's a built-in screen for playing back footage and changing settings, plus it has some nice features like parking mode. If you want a cheap camera that does almost the same job as pricier ones, this could be it. Just be aware that it only supports memory cards up to 32gb, and no card is included.

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Aukey Dash Cam - around £70

We like Aukey products at HonestJohn.co.uk. They're well-priced, nicely packaged, strongly-made and do exactly what they're supposed to. The Aukey Dash Cam is no frills, but it has a very good image sensor for excellent video quality, at a fair price. 

There are some quibbles including the lack of a battery - the camera only works when connected to power. But on the plus side the camera supports memory cards up to 128gb, so you can record a lot of footage before old clips are overwritten. 

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Mio MiVue 658 WiFi - from £89

With a touchscreen interface, GPS recording and very high definition footage, the Mio MiVue 658 WiFi is very good - but its high RRP of £169.99 might well be offputting to buyers. However, if you shop around it's available for less than £100 and at that price it's superb. 

The WiFi bit of the name is important - it means you can access clips from the dash camera in your phone. But if that sounds like a gimmick, you can get the same camera for less money without the WiFi function.

Buy a 658 WiFi from Amazon


Nextbase 412GW - £130

We've crowned the 412GW Best Dash Camera at the 2017 Honest John Awards, sine it blends extremely high quality footage with an easy-to-use interface, handy Click and Go mount and WiFi connectivity for accessing clips in a phone. 

At £130 it's not the cheapest dash camera in the world, but it's still very competetively priced and if you shop around you'll find it for nearer £100. For that it's great value, doing everything a dash cam should and doing it very, very well. 

Buy a 412GW from Amazon



Nextbase 512GW - £150

While we think the 412GW is possibly the best value dash camera out there, Nextbase can do one better with the 512GW. It has the same basic interface and design, but with an improved video sensor and a polarising filter supplied in the box. 

The result is improved video quality over the cheaper 412GW, with brighter colours and better night capability. If you drive a lot, especially at night or in poor weather, the premium for the 512GW might well be worth paying - it's very impressive indeed.

Buy a 512GW from Nextbase


Mio Drive 50LM - £199

The first of two sat navs to feature in our list, the Drive 50LM doubles as a dash camera as well as providing navigation, Bluetooth hands free calling, lane keep assistance and front collision alerts. It's bigger than a dash cam, of course - but it does a lot. 

And what's more, the cost isn't huge. At £199 it's not much more than some of the best dash cameras around and, while the footage isn't as good as those, the rest of the features it offers as a sat nav make up for the slightly poorer video quality.

Buy a Mio Drive 50LM on Amazon


Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-D - around £310

It's more expensive than the Mio Drive 50LM, but the Garmin DriveAssist sat nav feels like a higher quality product and will be more familiar and user-friendly to anyone who has used a Garmin nav in the past. 

That said, more than £300 is a lot for a navigation system, especially since free apps like Waze do the same job. That's why, as good as the Drive Assist 51 is, we can't really recommend it over the Mio Drive 50LM unless you have a lot of cash set aside for your in-car tech. You might find it for less if you shop around, though.

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Roadhawk HD-2 – around £250

If you’re a professional driver – such as a trucker – then the quality of a dash camera is probably a high priority. The HD-2 shoots in 1080p at 60 frames per second, with GPS to record speed and location information. It’s also very solidly made, which you’d expect for the price.

Sadly there is no screen and no stills mode and, while image quality is excellent, for most motorists a cheaper camera will do just as well. But for those who spend almost all of their day on the road, and who need durability and reliability from their camera, the Roadhawk HD-2 is worth a look. 

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malcster    on 17 August 2016

Not sure I would buy another next base cam

14 months old and the battery is goosed

Next base not interested in any Goodwill claim saying the recent heatwave would have caused the battery malfunction

Hmm strange that that a device designed to sit behind a windscreen in all weathers has a weak battery

geoff allen    on 25 October 2016

Thanks for that info that has just made my mind up not to get one.

Corne Ferreira    on 7 November 2016

MiVue same story on no3 now all suffer the same problems, battery dont last, loses time setting as a result and the freeze up. not buying navman ever again.

glowplug    on 10 January 2017

This is a common problem with Lithium batteries and dashcams, more so in hotter climates. To avoid this pick a dashcam that uses a super capacitor instead. Another fault related to heat is loss of focus.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 11 August 2017

Hello Glowplug,

When a customer is choosing whether to purchase a unit with a battery or capacitor they have to consider what features are important to them.

In order to utilise Wi-Fi, the ability to take photos of the scene after an incident and to use parking mode a battery is necessary.

There are lots of different options and models available with a variety of features. We're always on hand to talk through what would suit a customers particular circumstances.


Nextbase UK

Edited by Nextbase Technical Support on 11/08/2017 at 16:28

Miniman777    on 1 June 2017

After a lot of research, I bought an Viofo A119 from Ebay for £78. No battery to fail, but a capacator instead. Comes with GPS and non-GPS mounts, so can be moved from car to car (will need power lead). The design is small and discrete, unobtrustive and has a 160 degree angle of view. Has a variety of options from 30 sec to 10 min loops, choice of quality (720P, 1080P, 1440P), etc, etc. Pleased with it after 4 weeks. Also easy to remove and store in glovebox.

Dadog    on 5 June 2017

I bought a Roadhawk HD around 4 years ago and it is on permanently. Never had a problem and the 1080 images are amazingly good. No screen but why do you want one? Set it up and there's nothing to distract. Needs to be wired in - no batteries; but also no trouble. When it really matters I want to know I have it on camera.

roders2    on 5 June 2017

My Nevt Base battery packed up just out of waranty sent them an email they didnt even atempt to respond.

I purchased it because it was Which best buy.

did try and get it apart to check and replace the battery but it is well and truley glued together

would ned to saw it apart.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 11 August 2017

Hi Roders2,

I am extremely sorry you didn't get a reply, this does sound unusual as we usually respond the same day if not the very next day at the latest. We understand it's vital for our customers to have a speedy reply.

Please can you forward the email you initially sent to support@nextbase.co.uk so I can investigte why there was no response and get this resolved with you? Alternatively call our UK Technical Support centre on 02920 866 429 referencing this forum.

We are here to help; I look forward to hearing from you.


Nextbase UK

Edited by Nextbase Technical Support on 11/08/2017 at 12:44

rx8moneypit    on 6 June 2017

Never buy a dashcam with a battery, top end dashcams always have a super capacitor. Take a look at the Vicovation range, the Opia 2 will provide you with the best video you can get and with a time lapse parking mode. The other Vicovations in the Marcus range are also excellent and a little cheaper, the Marcus 2 at £100 is a bargain. For a dual cam set up look at the Thinkware brand especially the x550, don't waste your money on the f770, this is exactly the same as the x550 just a different form factor. The F750 can be upgraded to a F770, which gives you time lapse parking, by downloading the upgrade file for the F770 and simply renaming it f750 - you can read about this on the web. The Viofo A119S is a great cam for a good price but there can be reliability issues with the gps. The parking mode does have to be switched on and off manually which can be a faff.

Edited by rx8moneypit on 06/06/2017 at 18:54

jacorwd    on 10 June 2017

I do not recomend NEXTBASE! The batterys only last for a year! My third Nextbase,202 gave up yesterday. It would be OK if they still worked off vehicle supply, if the battery quits the it blocks supply.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 11 August 2017

Hello Jacorwd,

Please accept my apologies for what you've experienced here, it's completely unusual for not only one but three 202s to fail like this.

We would love to hve the oppoutunity to get this resolved with you, please can you get in touch by either calling us on 02920 866 429 or emailing support@nextbase.co.uk to speak with a member of our UK Technical Support centre.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nextbase UK

Smileyman    on 11 June 2017

I've been using a dashcam since 2013, Mini 0801 is the model, a small discrete device plugged into the cigarette lighter, it has a screen that auto shuts down after 1 minute but can also be used for playback if required. It has a capaciter so only operates when the engine is powered, very pleased with it, does what is required.

There may be good reasons for owning / using a dashcam, but do bear in mind the recorded image is a record of your driving as well as others around you. Ask yourself if the GPS is necessary, likewise, if your reason for using the dashcam is for video evidence in the event of an accident (or any event) why you would need to purchase a large capacity memory card with several hours worth of history. Just remember to lock or download the relevant image file so it is not lost by the continuous recording system.

Edited by Smileyman on 11/06/2017 at 09:39

audio    on 11 June 2017

I want to send a vote for ROAD HAWK. In 2015 my car was flooded. My road hawk was floating in the car. In fact I had two, one for the rear windscreen. I do a lot of EU driving.

Following the advice of the Road Hawk tech team I placed the cameras in two shoe boxes, half filled with rice, NOT especially near a radiator, for a month. To my delight both cameras work.

OK this may be possible with other makes but 1) they responded fast with advice 2) The cameras are used every day and have never failed and are very reassuring.

Their boot up sequence triggers a small audio file that tells me they are operating correctly. There are also two leds that illuminate but in strong sunshine these are hard to see. If there is a malfunction then another audio file alerts me to the problem.

As mentioned in other posts, if you do have an event where you DO need the video and audio and GPS and impact velocity evidence then turn off this device having stored the event. I keep spare mem cards in the car so I can insert a new card and carefully keep the card with the recording. Do follow carefully the instructions to format new memory cards and check they are not false cards - not easy but the manufacturer of the card will tell you if the number on the card proves it is an authentic card.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 11 August 2017

Hello Malcster,

Please accept my apologies for what you've experienced here, it certainly doesn't sound right.

Are you able in touch on 02920 866 429 or support@nextbase.co.uk mentioning this forum and our UK Technical Support centre will be more than happy to resolve this with you.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Nextbase UK

Medita    on 11 August 2017

I think the dash cam that offers the best quality/price is the Viofo A119s V2. At only 99£ it offers a HD video resolution of 720P (1080P), capacitor (instead of batteries), Sony lenses, night vision, G-sensor, GPS...etc. I think this website should test and review this very interesting choice

Edited by Medita on 11/08/2017 at 16:12

Miller David    on 27 August 2017

Very good collection. I love this top 10 list of dash cam!
Also it will be great if you add some products for france.

Edited by Miller David on 27/08/2017 at 14:02

Pat Cooke    on 11 September 2017

I am on my third Nextbase dashcam and keep experiencing the same problem in that it stops recording and says that it has no SD card inserted. The last two occasions it was within warranty so it was changed even though I had to pay for a new SD card as Maplins claimed the other one did not work any more, this time it is 2 months out of warranty so it looks like, with 5 days until I go on holiday, I am going to be seriously out of pocket. Do not think I will bother purchasing another Nextbase.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 31 October 2017

Hi Pat,

We're really sorry to hear this but we can help. These type of symptoms usually stem from the SD card. Please get in touch with us on 02920 866 429 or email support@nextbase.co.uk.


Nextbase UK

   on 22 September 2017

Nextbase seems to have too many problems - just when I was thinking of buying one.

modelman093    on 25 September 2017

My vote is for Mi-witness. My original one, now with my son is five years old and still going strong, hard wired .
I treated myself to the later high definition one and its brilliant. No screen but I agree , who wants one ? Tucked away behind the mirror. G sensor to record "incidents" , SD card can be read on the PC file at a time either using a generic viewer or their ap which gives full GPS data , speed , date and time and also shows position on the map.
I second the comment about using quality SD cards and formatting precisely as instructed

Brian Pearson    on 7 October 2017

Looking a buying 2 possibly 3 dash cams.
I was ready to buy Nextbase products but on reading these reviews I think I will give them a miss.

   on 18 October 2017

Was looking to buy three front/rear cams and Nextbase HD duo looked promising until Insaw the issues here and on other sites. Looks like I will need to keep looking. Disappointing.

Arthur Lobon    on 19 October 2017

Next base have commented a lot on this topic, I also am in the market for a dash cam and have been reading lots of reviews. if next base would like me to do a free independent review on one of there products i'd gladly take it on and post my findings here.

Edited by Arthur Lobon on 19/10/2017 at 13:31

Arthur Lobon    on 19 October 2017

Contacted Next base as a disabled driver the car is really my life and you do come across some very ignorant people and drivers who do take that as a weakness and exploit the parking provided for us.

Next base declined my offer.

Nextbase Technical Support    on 31 October 2017

Hi Arthur,

We're always keen for media to review our products so please do get in touch with our PR agency to discuss this: nextbase@agencybrazil.com. They'll be delighted to arrange a sample model if appropriate.


Nextbase UK

chr1s    on 3 November 2017

For the last few weeks my Nextbase dash cam hasn't been working properly. Doesn't come on despite numerous power cycles. End up having to reset via the pin hole at the base of the unit and then it usually springs into life. I've tried a different SD card and reformatted both cards at least 3 times and it still does it after only a few days of working again. My battery also died after about a few months and it was replaced under warranty. This latest battery is also on its way out and is a little over about 18 months old. If I don't use the car within 3 days or so I have to correct the date and time. In summary, when it works it's great but I'm not impressed by the longevity of it!

Nextbase Technical Support    on 4 November 2017

Hi Chris,

Please can you get in touch with our Technical Support Centre in Caerphilly on 02920 866 429 or support@nextbase.co.uk we're ready to help.


Nextbase UK

Huw Holmes    on 6 November 2017

I have also had problems with Nextbase camera battery. Unfortunately it was a gift and when i contacted the people that bought it for me they couldn’t find the receipt. To be fair on Nextbase they offered to send out a new battery, I fitted it, charged the unit up carefully, formatted the card and set it off from scratch. It failed again within a week.

Nextbase if you are reading this please don’t bother trying to offer any reply, I’ve read too many other reviews with the same problem and you still think it’s not a thing so clearly no progress is going to be made there.
My comment is mainly for Honest John and other websites, when reviewing and rating the products can you please take reliability into account. It gives a false impression just reviewing features


clive lary    on 18 November 2017

SEARCHING FOR MY FIRST DASHCAM I like a fool stupidly assumed that all these problems with Nextbase battery problems would not affect me, after all my insurance company specifically recommended them (maybe getting a commission ?).

Purchased it from Halfords, it lasted less than a week before the battery died, returned and asked for a refund. Another lost customer never to return.Such shockingly low quality for a premium price, just another ripoff.

Wayne Stokes    on 8 December 2017

Have had a Next Base 402G - the battery has gone within the year, it was a present and the reciept couldn't be found - Next Base don't want to know even though I told "James" of the situation... pity as in the market for 2 this Christmas....

Next Base.. you have my name on your records if you can be bothered to do anything about it....

Edited by Wayne Stokes on 08/12/2017 at 19:16

AGJ999    on 18 December 2017

Cannot believe the number of Nextbase 'concerned apologies' has this company no shame. I would be mortified with all these complaints on any product with which I was involved. I am also stunned that 'Honest John' supports 2, 6 and 7 as best buys. Does John read the comment section, if so, why is he rooting for 3 failed products

paul mack    on 18 December 2017

Come on Honest John, please add your comments to the last note!

seems only right that with so many people voicing their frustrations AND ending up out of pocket, that not only HJ but NEXT BASE should also reply with a positive outcome to those guys out there who have bought in good faith and been sold a pup!

I too am in the market for a dash cam, but I can categorically state it will NEVER be a NextBase after reading the forum today.

Paul Mack

Guys, It would be of interest to know if NextBase have "looked after those of you' who have/are having issues either with a replacement or refund based on their replies implying so.

   on 29 December 2017

After reading all these reviews, will be giving Next Base a miss.

Nishan D    on 30 December 2017

I was looking for a dash cam around £70. So many helpful posts here. Thank you HJ. NextBase has gone to the bottom of the list now.

sixcylinder    on 31 December 2017

Bought a Mio Mivue 535 just over two years ago. It resides permanently stuck to the windscreen and works every time the vehicle is started even after several weeks when the car hasn't been used. NEVER failed to start and record yet.

sixcylinder    on 31 December 2017

Bought a Mio Mivue 535 just over two years ago. It resides permanently stuck to the windscreen and works every time the vehicle is started even after several weeks when the car hasn't been used. NEVER failed to start and record yet.

John Sterling    on 31 December 2017

I downloaded an app called DailyRoadsVoyager a couple of years ago and all I can say, it does everything the top cameras do and didn't cost me anything! I did actually buy it eventually for nearly nothing. I use mine all the time on my phone which is simply mounted on my dashboard (where it's supposed to be to be legal) and it's as good as anything out there.

Geoffrey Watson    on 31 December 2017

Bought a Road Angel dash cam August 2016 (front and rear cameras). Hard wired in so they come on every time I use the car. In September 2016 had an accident, (1st one since 1973) which the cameras recorded perfectly. Since then no further issues except the mini sd cards only last about three months, then stop recording. The image recordings are good in daylight but not much use in the dark.

Johnfrog    on 31 December 2017

I have had a DOD LS460W Full HD dashcam for 3 years, hardwired into my BMW. Superb day and night-time footage. Has a super capacitor so no battery/reliability problems. Looks a bit like a Nextbase but smaller and neater, with both suction and sticky mounts included. Small, neat discreet unit. Going to buy another DOD for the wife's new car. Website is www.hdigital-eye.com.

With an outlet through Halfords, Nextbase seem to have cornered the UK market and Which? magazine, sadly, haven't explored the full range of good makes available in the UK. They don't seem to examine products for long-term reliability or after sales service so take their recommendations with a pinch of salt (I say that as a Which? subscriber !).

crynshame    on 31 December 2017

The first dash cam I bought 7 years ago was from Transcend with built-in wifi. This camera has worked continually and still going strong. I decide to purchase another for the rear which came from Halfords. And is a Nextbase and has been nothing but a problem. I have returned it to the shop.I have now purchased another Transcend and very happy with no problems. I recommend Transcend.,which isn`t shown in the top 10.

Tony Perkins    on 31 December 2017

Also looking for new dash cam, was just going out to buy Nextbase but having read this feedback have cancelled my order with Halfords, guy at Halfords said it was a good decision as they are having so many follow up issues, mainly battery related ! Many thanks to all for helping me avoid an expensive mistake !

   on 31 December 2017

Another that has had dashcams a while now. Parking mode is really important to me,but after my ddpai M6+ died (26 months), I was going to try a Nextbase. Not now. The Viofo V119 received good reviews, so the v2 looks a likely contendor.

Peter Fidler    on 1 January 2018

Was looking in Amazon yesterday and was wavering between the Nextbase 412GW or 512GW. About 10 mins ago, having seen HJ's Top 10, my finger was wanting to order the 412GW, Then, THANKFULLY, I decided to read all your reviews. Any recommendations, please?

roders2    on 1 January 2018

Ditt my Next base died at 13 months got ferry short shrift from Next Base.

Managed to find a suitable battry on the net and replaced it my self with a little soldering.

Found out the battries used do not like heat also found out there is a type of dash cam that does not have a battry, it has a capacitor that charges up suffciently to take care of shut down, it does not have the inertia facility to register knocks whilst parked though.

Considering providing a second regulated power supply to take the place of the internal battry direct from the car Baþery their I should not have the heat problem.

Another problem is the sigaret lighter connection over time it comes loose and you find it is not recording, the plug needing to be pushed back in hence considering hard wiring.

paul mack    on 4 January 2018

More and more negatives and still no comments from HJ and Nextbase

   on 10 January 2018

There seems to be a lot of criticism of NextBase battery life and I'm very surprised that the company hasn't, it seems, successfully addressed this issue. I'm considering getting a dash-cam and the amount of negativity which surrounds this problem is a bit perplexing.

On one hand we have the journos extolling NextBase's virtue across their entire model range, on the other, there seem to be buyers who have had less than a satisfactory experience.

What I fail to understand in all of this, is that repeated incidences of the same fault could (and should) be construed as an inherent defect plus the fact that that would probably make individual units unfit for purpose so why hasn't anyone bought this up and mentioned The Consumer Rights Act? (The latest incarnation of the Sale of Goods Act) If I bought a product that had failed due to a relatively well documented problem then it would be returned for a refund or a new unit as inherent defects are not subject to the limitations of a 12 month guarantee.

The location of a dash-cam is going to be in the windscreen, in the sun. We all know how hot a vehicle's interior gets after even after just a short period of time when, in summer, there is hot sunshine. I'm wondering how NextBase's cameras fare in Australia or even southern Spain. I have many NiMh rechargeable batteries which are more than three years old and the premature failure rate is minimal. Lithium based batteries have, by and large, been proved to be superior and lithium iron (Li/Fe) is the most common type of consumer battery. I suspect that the lithium cells used here are the cheaper Li/MnO2 which not as robust.

Currently there are 187 1star reviews for one of the models (302G?) and I'm genuinely surprised at this.

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