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Nissan Micra K12 - To remove glove box - nfiaz


I want to replace cabin air filter which sits behind glove box. I tried to remove glove box but one of its hing is creating a problem. Before unscrewing glove box, I switched off air bag ans unscrew the glove box.

Can anyone advice how to remove glove box (to replace pollan filter) in 2009 Nissan Micra?

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Nissan Micra K12 - To remove glove box - buzbee
I have taken a 2003 K12 (New shape) box out a few times.

The lid is held on by two pegs, one each side, near the bottom. The pegs are prised out using a flat screwdriver inserted under the head and pushed well down towards the peg shaft , so as not to break the head off.

Having removed the pegs you can waggle the lid to get it off.

The car had a metal tray inside the box at the top which was next to be removed. It was not put back as was considered more of a nuisance!

There are some more screws to take out before you can get the box out. The works diagram shows three at the bottom and three at the top with the center top one also used to hold the tray.

The book says: The filter locks in by means of a bit of protruding plastic on its bottom edge that sticks up inside. Use a a bent screwdriver to prise that edge down so it can be slide out. I don't remember that bit. I just grab it and waggle it out.

Incidentally, don't make a practice of slamming the lid shut. The catch plastic 'bearings'/posts are weak and snap and it cost £60-odd for a new lid. You can't buy just the catch!

Good luck.

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