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ford mondeo - Ford mondeo mk3 petrol fuel pump problem - bigmennie

Hi i run a taxi company and have 2 1.8 mondeo's and they both had the same problem of now real power and jutteryness when accelerating, changed everything that you would think i.e spark plugs, ht leads, air filter, pretty much everything then the last thing we tried for a mere £35.00 second hand was the fuel pump which sorted out the problem but after big money spent on them.

Iam asking if this is a common problem on these as it dosen't state so on here or anywhere else and my friend who also has a 1.8 auto mondeo had the same problem but was told it was the gearbox so 2 new gearboxes later it was the same so she though b***** it and changed the fuel pump for peanuts and again that sorted it after big money spent again.

In my opinion diagnostics are rubbish they were saying it was the egr valve on one and air sensor on other then another said it was the cat no one said the fuel pump.

so can someone tell me is it common ?



Tags: technical issues engine problem egr valves legal and consumer advice

ford mondeo - Ford mondeo mk3 petrol fuel pump problem - Peter.N.

Can't help you with your problem, have'nt run petrol cars for about 30 years but I agree with you, cars are far to complicated now and there are not enough people that know about them. Some of your back street mechanics know far more than the dealers.

ford mondeo - Ford mondeo mk3 petrol fuel pump problem - bigmennie

Hi i agree they have been good reliable well built cars but just cant trust engine diagnostics.


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