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2001 1.6 Repeated Blown Fan Resistor Packs - backtodiesel
I have replaced the resistor pack in my ford focus for the second time in a few months and just in case replaced the pollen filter at the same time. This time it only lasted a couple of days before blowing again. I noticed that after replacing the resistor pack that the blower made a squeaking noise (dodgy bearings) afterwards.

Should I replace the resistor pack again or is my problem much bigger?... I thought I might need the blower replaced?

Any suggestions/help welcome.

Tags: technical issues pollen filter unexplained noises legal and consumer advice

2001 1.6 Repeated Blown Fan Resistor Packs - elekie&a/c doctor
a blown resistor pack is normally caused by the fan motor drawing too much current.Usually a worn motor.In fact it is often the thermal circuit breaker that fails on top of the resistor unit (small tube like device)rather than the resistive element.Also make sure the 4-pin connector is not burnt or overheated.hth

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