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Cherokee, any common problems??? - dustman1
My brother in law has bought a jeep cherokee 4.0 V6 limited edition. Are there any common faults or problems with this car

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M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - Pugugly {P}

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M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - Aprilia
More problems than you can shake a stick at on these. Engine is not too bad, but everything else falls apart and not cheap to fix. Pajero would be a better buy TBH.
M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - Collos25
headlamps and just look at the price of a replacement.
M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - madf
Car Mechanics had several articles: rear axle whine/failure/ suspension/ etc

Basically a badly designed and built piece of carp worthy of Renault at its worst.
M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - nick
Surely it's a straight six? I've had a couple and had no problems other than a few minor electrical glitches and the odd oil leak but they were fairly new and lowish mileage. They are well known for rear axle problems, poor electrics, rusting on the roof, screen leaks, exhaust manifolds cracking and generally poorly screwed together. On the plus side, I really enjoyed mine, found them comfortable and quick and simple enough to look after.
If you get a cracked exhaust manifold, let me know as I have a repaired one going cheap and a spare fuel tank. Might even have a factory dog guard somewhere too.
M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - marty
i have a n reg cherokee drives realy well has don 105000 miles had to change rear dif oil because of keak but apart from that ok few small rust spots on roof but easy to sort out other than that solid car fun to drive electrics ok parts can be dear but plenty on ebay but mine does fsh from new.
message to nick i might be interested in dog guard at right price am also looking for bracket to place spare wheel on outside of car if anyone has one.
M Jeep Cherokee, any common problems??? - MerlinTec
lol not that bad. ask a www.jeepforum.com

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