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Rover 75 water leak - Peetie
Hi folks,

I am having major problems with a water leak on my 1.8 litre petrol Rover 75 which has done 72k miles.

The radiator had to be replaced due to a self evident leak, and knowing the cylinder head gasket problems that these models suffer from I've had the coolant system pressure tested and it was all OK.

There are no external signs of water leaks, and no sign of water in the engine oil, but the system is losing over a pint of water on a 40 mile daily trip.

I'm beginning to suspect the water pump gland might be leaking, but the absence of any external leaks is baffling me.

Anybody got any ideas on this one?

Tags: technical issues head gasket cooling systems water ingress water leaks

Rover 75 water leak - injection doc
The inlet manifolds are often the culprit & weep water into the inlet ports so you don't see the water leaking. Have you triesd a new expansion tank cap? for what they cost its worth a try as they often leak when driving!
Rover 75 water leak - Peetie
Many thanks. I'll try a new expansion tank cap and take a look at the inlet manifolds.
Rover 75 water leak - R40
Might also be worth asking a question on the owners club forums



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