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20 October 2011: Light at the end of the tunnel

I was very lucky to be invited to Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, which became a real eye-opener for me. When arranging it with Mercedes World’s PR man, Simon Bench, I thought I was going there to improve my driving skills by having a go at some of the courses, including the tracks and skid pan. That was a scary thought!

Although I had been on ice and snow in my driving lessons with Vaughan back at the beginning of the year when we had that cold snap, I wasn’t allowed to get above 10mph. Mercedes-Benz World would have me going on the ice at 70 or 80mph to learn how to control a skidding car.

But, when I got there, things were different. I was introduced to my instructor for the day, Henry, who took me to a brand new Mercedes-Benz A-Class. Great, not only did I have a new instructor sitting beside me, but I was going to be driving a brand new car too. No pressure!

Anyway, he directed me around Surrey, through residential roads and roundabouts whilst giving me a guided tour around the county. I could already feel my arms stiffening and my shoulders weighing heavy with tension. I really needed to concentrate. I certainly didn’t need Henry telling me useless information about Surrey’s surroundings!

It seemed to be going as well as it could be, despite Henry’s commentary and my locked-in arms. But, as always when things seem to be going well, reality brings you back down to earth with a bump.

We approached the A3 slip road and came hurtling down it. I looked in my right wing mirror. There wasn’t anything coming, so I pressed my foot harder on the accelerator to get up to speed and join the dual carriageway. All of a sudden we came to an abrupt halt at the end of the slip road.

Henry hadn’t felt safe and intervened, slamming on his dual-control brakes. Why? Confusion was running through my head. Then I realised. There was a massive truck steaming up on my right-hand side.

When it had passed, Henry asked me to start the car again and I drove back to base where he told me that the “truck incident” had happened because of my “tunnel vision” - I didn’t move my eyes or head enough to take in everything around me.

Fabulous, something else to overcome! By this point I didn’t care what the reason was, my confidence was shot to pieces. I thought I‘d never pass my test.

To raise my confidence again, Simon offered for me to come back the following week to try my hand at the courses that I thought I’d be driving on the first time around.

So I met Henry again and we went on the slalom course. At first I gingerly drove around the cones, but with every lap the tension in my upper body began to melt away, elevating my confidence in the process. It was strengthened further when we moved from the slalom course to a track.

Henry got me to focus on moving my head as I drove round the bends. I could feel a sledge hammer bulldozing through my tunnel vision with every corner. At the end of this particular drive the truck incident still haunted me, but not as much. My confidence had been restored, overshadowing past mistakes. 

Maybe I can do this after all!

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After a quick drive in the area around the test centre it was time to put all that practice to use, and take my practical test...
Today's lesson, rather infuriatingly, involved a lot of traffic jams and red lights.
This lesson was at a busy time in town, which was pretty stressful!
Today I drove on some unfamiliar roads, but with my confidence improving that wasn't too off putting
In this lesson I had to deal with various unusual situations, as well as practice on the dual carriageway.
Today we simulated the independent driving element of the driving test, heading to a new little village.
This lesson things were a little different, and the change made me drive in a more relaxed way - so what's new?
I had a bad feeling about this lesson before it even started, and I struggled with some country lanes before learning emergency stops.
After a Christmas break my confidence was booming, with the curious side effect of me speeding by mistake.
After some trouble of the past few lessons I was surprised by the good progress I made today.
Today I spent my lesson trying to maintain a set distance between the kerb and the car. It didn't go all that well.
This lesson involved more reversing around corners, something I'm continuing to struggle with.
Last lesson, Vaughan set me some homework to practice my manoeuvres. Great! Just what I want to do…
After having been on what can only be called a bumpy road for the last couple of weeks, things started to smooth out again today.
After a series of bad lessons, this week I made a breakthrough.
In this lesson I was rather surprised to have to take a mock driving test. But how did I get on?
In this lesson I practiced hill starts and reversing around corners - but I also encountered one of my pet hates.
My leisurely drive along the A27 was ruined by an inattentive - or perhaps impatient - removal van driver this week.
Having started a new academic year, I hadn’t been able to get behind the wheel, so you can imagine how great it felt when I finally got the chance after two weeks, despite tinges of apprehension.
20 October 2011: Light at the end of the tunnel
Recently I was very lucky to be invited to Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, which became a real eye-opener for me.
It seems some things are never straightforward - like buying your first car. As I found out!
Learning to drive has been hanging over my head since I was 17 but I haven't had the confidence. However, now it's time to bite the bullet.

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