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Top 25: Cheapest new cars on sale

If you’re looking for the cheapest new cars on sale in the UK today, you’ve found them. But if you’re expecting a massive list of variations on the three-door runabout, think again – there’s real variety and quality in here.

What links them all, though, is that when it comes to buying and running costs they're as cheap as an Easter egg in May. One thing to note is that these are all current list prices (April 2017) and manufacturers will regularly have money off deals and the like, so you could end up getting a decent discount.

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Dacia Sandero

From: £5995

Set your expectation as low as the Sandero’s starting price and you’ll be amazed at how much better it is than that. The cheapest new car in the UK, it’s far from the tin box you might expect it to be. Solid, comfortable and actually well equipped further up the range, this Clio-based five-door is the cool face of austerity. However, in Access trim it lacks the kit we all take for granted nowadays - even a radio is optional.

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Chris C    on 24 May 2017

Where is the Hyundai i20 which starts at £9,995?

Captain-Cretin    on 1 August 2017

Is the Viva the new Granny runabout?? Nearly got run off the road by a carload of blue rinses a few hours ago; left lane at the junction, right lane on the roundabout, then cut straight across me for the first exit.

Tom Sheppard    on 16 August 2017

Ka second series better than MK1?
Not as spacious, bitty cabin, frumpy looks, high price and poor road manners made it one to avoid. Buyers thought so too.

geordie5858    on 12 October 2017

Logans drop value like a stone! I bought one I know!

cfc2000    on 7 July 2018

Logans drop value like a stone! I bought one I know!

Buyers these days know vey little about cars. They're likje kids that will pay £££ more for trainers with a logo when they're all made in the same factory. EG people are happy to pay double for an Audi made in the same factory, with the same engines, gearbox, body shell and running gear as a Skoda.

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