Top 10: Used small cars for £3000

Downsizing has become increasingly popular, and if you’re looking for a modestly priced urban runabout - albeit one that can cope with the odd longer journey as well - there are plenty of models to choose from. 

Offering comfort, decent equipment levels, and modest running costs one of these could prove to be the perfect used car. Here our pick of the bunch.

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Ford Fiesta

It might be an obvious choice but the Mk5 Fiesta is a well-rounded small car, offering an enticing blend of enjoyable driving dynamics and low running costs. 

It’s comfortable and reasonably spacious, and there is a huge number to choose from on the used market.  So you’ll have no trouble finding a cared-for petrol model in Zetec or Ghia trim within our £3000 budget.


tracy ROLTON    on 4 October 2016

Wot size engine has it got and how many miles has it done?

Stephen Carey    on 2 December 2017

Dive fiat panda 2009 activ model eco model find the best I've ever had first time had fiat reliable cheap to insure s Carey

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