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Top 10: Used small cars for £3000

Whether you’re a new driver looking for an easy-to-drive car with low insurance, or you simply want an urban runabout with cheap fuel costs, a small car will cater for the needs of many. You don’t need a massive budget to afford a good second-hand small car, either.

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MINI Hatch (2007 - 2013)

You might think £3000 won’t get you very far if you want to buy something trendy, but it’ll get you a MINI Hatch in Cooper trim from around 2008.

Avoid large wheels unless you want an ultra-harsh ride, and don’t bother stretching to a Cooper S - they’ll be ropey for this money as we’ve had numerous reports of problems involving coked up engines and timing chain failures.

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tracy ROLTON    on 4 October 2016

Wot size engine has it got and how many miles has it done?

Stephen Carey    on 2 December 2017

Dive fiat panda 2009 activ model eco model find the best I've ever had first time had fiat reliable cheap to insure s Carey

Chris C    on 28 September 2018

No small Suzukis, eg Swift/Splash/Vauxhall Agila? Personally I would have a late Perodua Myvi given its Toyota/Daihatsu parentage and low residuals.

Edited by Chris C on 28/09/2018 at 19:18

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