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Top 10: Used family cars for £7000

While the vast choice of small SUVs and MPVs is very tempting, what about the traditional family hatchback or saloon?


Well the good news is that there are plenty of those to choose from. Armed with a budget of £7000 we take a look at what the used market has to offer if you are a family buyer looking for a blend of space, practicality, and driving enjoyment without breaking the bank.

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Ford Focus

It’s impossible not to include the Focus in our list as it has so much going for it for the family buyer. You can pick from a range of efficient petrol and diesel engines, and while the mileage might be on the high side at this money, impressive durability means that’s not a problem. Although be wary of clutch problems, which are a recurring fault with this generation of Focus.

If there’s another fly in the ointment it’s that ultimate boot space is a little smaller than the previous generation, but that’s unlikely to bother most buyers and the Ford’s other attributes more than make up for it. The cabin is refined, roomy, and boasts an upmarket feel, and the Focus can still entertain on a twisty road.

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Richard.Allen.    on 19 June 2017

Good , reliable nice to drive cars.Had mine ( 13 plate ). from new ,in fact built to my order as I wanted the 1.6Vti petrol engine and the optional panoramic roof. As the 308 is unfairly underrated , residuals are not very good making them a good second hand buy.My local dealer who sold the car has also provided very good service. The 308 is well built giving away little if anything to the so called premium badge German cars.

   on 26 February 2018

have had 2 ford focus h/b 1.6 dsl and had nothing but trouble with both. thought i just got unlucky with the first so traded for a 2015 but same problems. NEVER AGAIN. Crap frog engine.

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