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Top 10: Used crossovers for £10,000

The Nissan Qashqai introduced the world to the idea of the ‘crossover’, a pseudo-SUV mixed with family hatch sensibilities and pricing. With so many rivals following there’s now lots of used examples on offer. Check out our pick of £10,000 choices. 

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Subaru XV

Little known outside a 20 mile radius of a Subaru dealership, the XV was an expensive, typically Subaru over-engineered choice in the crossover marketplace. That it lacks visibility in most buyers’ consciousness plays into the savvy buyer’s hands here, as depreciation has brought the SV into our £10,000 budget. And it looks like a steal at this level.

Being a Subaru it’s a genuine 4x4 and it’s fun to drive, even with 2.0-litre diesel specification we’d recommend. You’ll find plenty with under 40,000 miles too and some as young as three-years old. The interior might be the very definition of ‘plasticky’, but it’s robust and outside it’s a sharp looker. Worth the effort if you need your crossover with some proper 4x4 hardware and dare to be different. 

>>Find a used Subaru XV for sale


   on 24 January 2018

We were very disappointed by our 2012 Qashqai; numerous problems with air-conditioning, electric windows and tailgate handle falling off. It handled poorly and generally felt flimsy. The final straw was failure of the automatic transmission that cost £2730 to have rebuilt. I will never buy another Nissan.

glidermania    on 24 January 2018

I thought HJ was always hammering the qashqai as a poor car?

lordwoody    on 16 February 2018

Welcome to the hypocrisy, criticised roundly on one hand, recommended on the other, don't want to upset the advertisers do we?

Steve J Jones    on 25 January 2018

Isn't the Yeti beset with problems? I fancied a 1.2 petrol DSG, but was put off by all of the reported problems. Shame, as the size, shape and drivetrain would have suited my low mileage, mostly city driving to a tee.

Engineer Andy    on 27 January 2018

Steve - read HJ's Agony column (part 1) from today - the first item is a 34k miles (how ironic) example (admitedly in 1.2TSi petrol form that snapped its timing chain (known issue). Not exactly something for the car to be a 'recommendation', especially as the owner (from 30k miles) had only done low mileage during ther ownership. I wouldn't go for a diesel for such usage, especially if its one affected by the 'Dieselgate recall' and has been modified as a result.

old git!!    on 1 February 2018

Am on second Yeti. Both diesels - never a moment a problem. Am considering a 3rd before they become unavailable. WHY delete a good model from the skoda range - could have been updated as many other vehicles have!!!

Peed-off, Yorkshire

Engineer Andy    on 27 January 2018

Even as a fan (and owner of a 3) of Mazda generally, I would caution about buying a second-hand CX-5 in diesel form, unless you can absolutely guarantee the usage and maintenance history. Any sort of low mileage on urban roads (short low speed journeys) will cause no end of problems as is frequently reported/well documented in the forum and Car-by-Car (Good & Bad) sections on this website. Petrol versions are fine, but anyone wanting a petrol auto (very nice) will be increasingly disappointed as they were discontinued in that form a few years ago. Manuals are fine cars. 4WD only available in diesel.

If they don't need so much space, the CX-3 still has a petrol auto (same 2 ltr engine) in SE-L Nav (well equipped with 16in tyres) and Sport form (firmer ride on 18in rims). Like with all Mazdas, avoid the diesel (a 1.5 ltr variant on the infamous 1.6 diesel-of-doom) if you do low mileage/short journeys or (second hand ones) a similar history can't be ruled out. Shame really, as the 2.2D in the CX-5 is a better engine (performance-wise) than the 2.0 petrol (even when uprated to 145hp). 4WD available in both petrol and diesel, though auto versions now (new) only available with the 1.5TD I think.

BigAl42    on 13 February 2018

There's a known issue which does affect early 2.2D engines in the CX5 with a batch of improperly hardened camshafts. These can break up and deposit debris in the oil leading to other issues (in my case on my first CX5, turbo bearing failure). The affected VIN number for possible camshaft problems is up to number 163230 as long as it starts with JMZKE. As far as I know, Mazda have never recalled for this fault and are very reluctant to even admit it's an issue. From the number of cases on the UK owners forum, Mazda deal with this on a case by case basis. I was lucky, it was still under warranty. Out of warranty, good luck... I'd certainly be checking the VIN if I was buying an early model.

SteveLee    on 6 February 2019

New Dacia Dusters start at under £10K.

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